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Data Driven Pay Per Click that provides a high ROI

Our data driven approach and ability to create landing pages that convert, set us apart from most of Bristol’s PPC Agencies. Our PPC team are specialists in optimising Pay Per Click accounts and proving, not just promising, a high return on your ad spend.

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Working with Wired Media

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Free Account Audit

We offer free account audits to any business looking to gain insight into the performance of their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts. We’ll deliver our findings with actionable suggestions so you can implement them straight away.

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PPC account manager

When you sign up with Wired Media, you’ll be given your own dedicated PPC account manager who will be your day-to-day contact and responsible for making all changes to your account.

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Fixed pricing

We like to keep things simple and our clients happy, so we offer a fixed price management fee which doesn’t include any hidden extras or complicated fee structures.

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Conversion tracking

We’ll ensure the conversion tracking in your Google Analytics account is running as it should and will set up any goals needed.

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Real-time reporting

All of our clients receive a Google Looker Studio dashboard which provides real-time results on the performance of your PPC campaigns. This means you can check in on the performance of our PPC activities at any time.

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Weekly calls

We’re big believers in keeping in regular contact with our customers as it allows us to plan for upcoming promotions and also find out how the performance of PPC activities are directly impacting your business.

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PPC Case Study: Martha Jackson

341% increase in Sales for Bristol based jewellery retailer!

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Strategy & Results

Martha Jackson approached Wired Media in our Bristol office, to help with there Google Ads and Paid Social Media campaigns. We set to work improving data accuracy before improving the cost per conversion and click through rate of all campaigns. We worked with Martha Jackson to improve product imagery, A/B tested ad copy and targeted competitor audiences.


The above resulted in us increasing website sales by 341% while also making the account more profitable, costing 31% less per website conversion




Increase in clicks


Increase in Sales


Reduction in cost per conversion


Customer satisfaction
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Having products or service knowledge is crucial but having someone to serve it up to your future clients is absolutely essential, Thanks for the continual focus on improving our PPC campaigns
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Marcus Pearce, Martha Jackson
Our Clients
Our Clients
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PPC Case Study: Coveya


PPC Case Study: Yves Delorme


PPC Case Study: Dynamik


Paid Social Case Study: Martha Jackson


Google Ads Campaign Management Services

Data Clarity – 80% of new clients that join us have an issue with their data tracking. Data clarity is vital,. not only to make correct decisions, but also to make the most of the bidding algorithms we utilise in PPC.


Website Performance – In PPC we are the advertiser and your website is the salesman. We need your website to be turning potential leads into revenue. We can help advise you and make changes that can help dial up your conversion rate.

PPC Account Health – This is our major focus, bringing in quality leads or potential customers to generate leads and revenue for your business.


Communication – Its so important that we work closely with you, learn about your business and communicate regularly. We normally suggest a catch up weekly at the start, to ensure everything is working as expected and will then move to fortnightly catchups.

Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs

Get in touch today and one of our experienced team will arrange a call to discuss your requirements. Take advantage of our free strategy consultation to help you understand our services and how we can help you grow.


Why choose Wired Media to manage your PPC account?

Our Experience – We work with hundreds of businesses to help them improve their online sales or bookings. In most cases we know the ‘quick wins’ and we have the expertise and access to specialist tools to identify further revenue enhancing improvements.


Our Approach – Profitable PPC campaigns are so much more than just making changes in the account and watching the conversions come in, We are a data first Agency and will work with you to get accurate data, analyse performance making changes to the Google Ads account AND landing pages to ensure you are getting a high ROI


Our Team – We have a UK based team of Google Ads specialists, designers and developers. This allows us to work on every aspect of your PPC campaigns, be it account improvements, data accuracy or landing page performance


Our Processes – We have processes in place for everything from a new website to ad-hoc web project work, and from marketing strategy to running PPC campaigns. This means we are not learning from scratch each time and can hit the ground running.

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Google Partner

Being a Google Partner means that our PPC team have maximised results and growth for our clients, have a high optimisation score across all of their client accounts and completed certification through Google to prove their expertise. Our team have all the experience and expertise to take your Google Ads account to the next level. Include our data analysts, UX designers and development team and we have everything you need!




I am new to PPC. How long will it take to get started?
It usually takes two weeks for our Bristol PPC team to conduct keyword research, create an effective campaign structure and write our initial ad copy for the account. Once this is all done and we have set up conversion tracking to measure your goals then we are good to go live!
How quickly will I see results?
Though there are many factors involved, we expect a brand new account to see conversions in the first 2 weeks and expect consistent performance after 3 months. Taking on an existing account, the change in performance can vary massively. If the account is under-optimised, results can be seen almost instantly. If it is in a good condition then results can take a month or two.
How does PPC management payment work?
With Wired Media you will be the owner of your ads account therefore will need to pay the Google Ads Invoices. You will be paying Wired Media to set up and manage your account. We are sure that we can increase your profitability to cover our management fee and more.
How much should I invest in PPC?
Budgets can be tricky to calculate. As a rule of thumb, we would start with the following: Calculate 5-10% of the value of the goods or service as this is the average advertising cost need for a sale Take that figure and times it by your target number of sales or leads. That will give you a starting budget. Once we have more information such as cost per click and conversion rate we can accurately calculate. We would always recommend using a PPC budget greater than your management fee to ensure profitability. Its really important to understand these figures as if you have a service or product that costs £20,000 and your ad budget is only £1000, you could only see a conversion every two months.
Can we run ads internationally?
Yes; we have multiple clients who run global campaigns. We have systems in place to keep your international accounts organised and profitable.
How will I know that we are profitable?
Paid Search data is vital to you, the client, and us for decision making and the algorithms for increasing performance. Therefore we have a huge incentive for tracking to be as accurate as possible. With accurate data and our data analysis tools, we will provide you with the ability to easily and quickly see your performance.
What makes Wired Media better than other agencies?
We have a dedicated PPC manager for each client who will communicate with you regularly and with full transparency. Even providing you with their task list for the month broken down by hour. We look at the big picture, drawing in teams to ensure your data is accurate and your landing pages convert. Being a full service agency helps with speed and quality
What areas of the UK do you provide your services?
Although our PPC Team is based in Bristol we provide our services to clients all over the UK. The majority of our clients are based in the South West, Cardiff, Bath, Gloucester. We also have clients based in America and Europe.

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