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Pay Per Click campaigns driven by Data, providing a high Return on your Investment

Data Driven approach to PPC management ensuring you understand the ROI of all of your campaigns

Over 22 years experience as a PPC Agency in Cardiff

In house Development team to constantly improve your landing page performance

Free Account Audit – We will show you what we would do with no obligation


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Cardiff Google Ads Management

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Google Ads

The biggest and best way to get a high ROI for the majority of our clients. We have dedicated Google Ads professionals who will turbo charge your Google Ads performance .

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Microsoft Ads

Just like Google ads but with a smaller market share. Al ot of our clients find a cheaper cost per click and higher ROI. Our PPC team will help you decide if Microsoft Ads is a good fit for your business.

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Google Shopping

For Ecommerce stores Google Shopping is a must and often provides the highest ROI of all Google Ads campaigns. Our team can help you set up and manage your data feeds and optimise your campaigns for a high ROI.

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Creating brand awareness and popping up when your potential customers are visiting other websites is a great way to get your brand out there at the fraction of the cost of other Google Ads campaigns.

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Ensuring we target your customers at every stage of the decision process, utilising Google Ads and Paid Social platforms, we will retarget your customers to ensure we are always front of mind.

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Social Media

Our Paid Social team have experience utilising, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and TikTok, serving targeted ads to people most likely to want your products or services.

PPC Case Study: Coveya


PPC Case Study: Yves Delorme


PPC Case Study: Dynamik


Paid Social Case Study: Martha Jackson



Why choose Cardiff's top PPC Agency to help grow your business online?

Our Experience: We have been managing PPC accounts for over 20 years and our team have a combined experience of over 100 years. Thats a lot of years working on PPC accounts! Times have changed and the way we manage accounts is a lot different to what it used to be but we know what works and how to get results.


Our Knowledge: Working with hundreds of clients helps keep your knowledge at its peak. Our Bath PPC team work on PPC accounts daily (of all shapes and sizes) and the chances are we have experience working in your industry too.


Data Clarity: A large majority of our clients come to us with data issues, that are effecting PPC performance. Google Ads as an example needs accurate data to feed the Google algorithms, so accurate data is of upmost importance. We will complete a comprehensive audit of your Google Analytics and Google Ads account and ensure you are tracking the right conversions including accurate conversion values we can feed into Google Ads.

Website Performance: Often overlooked by a-lot of PPC Agencies is the performance of your landing pages. We have an in house Design and development team that can help us ensure your website loads fast, converts highly and gives your PPC campaigns the best chance of success. Remember that your PPC campaigns are responsible for driving high quality traffic to your website, if your website isn’t effective, don’t expect a high ROI.


PPC Account Health:  Our team will ensure they are constantly analysing account performance, working on improving your Ad rank, Quality Scores and ROAS. Removing negative keywords and testing ads to ensure we are always looking to improve. A healthy PPC account is one that gets plenty of attention.


How long does it take to see results?
This will depend on your current situation but normally we would look to work on making the required improvements needed to your data, landing pages and accounts within the first Month. We will then continually optimise your PPC account test and adjust your website and improve your ROAS. Conversions will start coming in almost straight away but we will need a couple of months before we get everything tunes in to ensure a high ROI.
Will I own the PPC account?
We come across to many businesses who are kept hostage due to not owning the Google Ads or Google Analytics account. Rest assured we are not that type of Agency. All accounts will be owned by you and we will work on them on your behalf. If you want to stop working with us you can just remove are access.
Can we run ads internationally?
PPC is perfect if you are looking to increase visibility of your brand internationally, we can help you with localised copy translations for ads and landing pages and have experience working with client’s all over the world.
How will I know that we are profitable?
This is such an important area of PPC and a lot of businesses don’t have visibility on areas such as conversions and ROI. As a business you should be collecting as much data as possible, in order to make decisions and feed your Google Ads account. As an example, if you receive 50% of your leads over the phone and this isn’t being tracked as a conversion, there is a potential situation where you assume your PPC campaigns are not profitable and you turn them off. As part of our Pay Per Click management in Cardiff we will start by getting your tracking accurate. This will allow you to understand how many conversions you are getting and the value/ROI of our PPC strategy.
What makes Wired Media better than other agencies?
There are a couple of reasons why our clients stay with us. One is our results, we don’t just set up campaigns and leave them, we will be working every month to improve your profitability, even when we are in a position where you’re happy with the performance. We are transparent about our approach and walk you through every decision we make and we have specialists in all the areas needed to create a profitable PPC strategy, Web Design, Development, Pay Per Click management and data analysis
What areas of the UK do you provide your services?
Our PPC Agency provides strategy and management solutions for businesses all over the UK.

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