Martha Jackson Paid Social Case Study

A prominent online jewellery retailer

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Project Scope

Martha Jackson Jewellery is a prominent online jewellery retailer specialising in Sterling Silver. They have partnered with us, Wired Media, to maximise their online presence and achieve substantial growth in sales through paid social advertising. By implementing a comprehensive strategy that involved updating and testing ad copy, targeting competitor audiences, and utilising captivating imagery provided by the client, Martha Jackson Jewellery achieved outstanding results. This case study showcases how Wired Media met the client’s goals.






Increase in clicks


Increase in sales


reduction cost per conversion
Our Approach 

Ad Copy Updates – Persuasive ad copy is highly important in capturing the attention and interest of their target audience. We conducted thorough research to understand the preferences of their customers, enabling us to create compelling and relevant ad copy. By leveraging unique selling points, and incorporating strong call-to-action statements, Martha Jackson Jewellery significantly improved the performance of their paid social ads.


Targeting Competitor Audiences – To expand their reach and engage a relevant customer base, Martha Jackson Jewellery implemented competitor targeting. By identifying key competitors within the jewellery industry, they strategically tailored their ads to target audiences who were already interested in similar products. This approach allowed the company to tap into the existing market of its competitors, attracting potential customers who were actively exploring similar offerings.


Fresh Imagery – Wired Media provided guidance to Martha Jackson helping them create fresh and captivating imagery for their paid social campaigns. High-quality product photos, lifestyle images, and visually appealing content were utilised to create visually engaging ads that stood out in users’ social media feeds. The incorporation of captivating imagery helped evoke emotions, establish brand trust, and differentiate Martha Jackson Jewellery from competitors, resulting in improved ad performance.


The Results 

Sales Increase – Through strategic paid social optimization efforts, Martha Jackson Jewellery achieved a 341.18% increase in sales. The combination of compelling ad copy, targeted competitor audience targeting, and captivating imagery effectively drove qualified traffic to the website and successfully converted them into paying customers. The significant sales growth resulted in increased revenue and a strengthened market position for the company.


Decrease in Cost per Conversion – Martha Jackson Jewellery also witnessed an excellent 30.57% decrease in their cost per conversion. This is strongly due to the improvements wired media have made to the targeting of the campaigns minimising wasted spend. The reduced cost per conversion allowed the company to achieve higher profitability and a better return on investment.

Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Martha Jackson Jewellery experienced a significant increase in its click-through rate (CTR) of 21%. The updated ad copy, targeted competitor audience targeting, and visually captivating imagery resonated with the target audience, leading to increased engagement and a higher number of users clicking through to the website. The improved CTR further boosted the visibility and effectiveness of their paid social campaigns.