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Our Wedding Venue PPC Services

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Google Ads

For wedding venue businesses, advertising on Google is a must. With more than 3 billion internet searches made every day, serving ads to users searching for relevant keywords is a sure way of getting your wedding venue in front of engaged couples – trust us: it works.

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Landing Page Optimisation

With our in-house team of web designers and developers, we can craft conversion rate-optimised landing pages for your wedding venue’s PPC campaigns. PPC visitors behave differently from organic visitors on your wedding venue website, so a carefully designed landing page can mean the difference between a looker and a booker.

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If you’re investing in paid search to attract newly engaged couples, you’ll want to make sure you have remarketing campaigns set up. Using custom audience lists, these campaigns only display ads to users who have previously visited your wedding venue website and are an effective way of converting users who have abandoned their booking.

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Microsoft Ads

We love Microsoft Ads, because we often see great results such as lower cost-per-clicks, better quality traffic and higher revenue value. If you opt to invest in search advertising for your wedding venue website, then running ads across Yahoo and Bing is definitely something you want to consider.

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If you’re looking to target users at all points of their online journey, you’ll want to add display ads to your marketing mix. These image-based ads are shown on websites such as The Guardian and are a great way of enticing visitors back to your wedding venue website.

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Got great video content? Then running ads on YouTube is a no-brainer. With ads costing as little as £0.01 per view, YouTube campaigns provide a great way of promoting your wedding venue to in-market, captive audiences en-masse.

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PPC agency for wedding venues

PPC (pay per click) campaigns are a great way for you to gain more relevant visits to your wedding venue website on a daily basis.


PPC works by bidding on search terms (keywords) on popular search engines like Google and Bing.


Your wedding venue’s PPC ads will show when a potential bride or groom searches with the keyword you are bidding on, and you only pay when they click on your advert, not when it’s displayed to them.


We can set up and manage your wedding venue’s PPC campaigns with budgets so you know how much you are spending each day, so you’re always in control.


Wedding venue PPC works best when aligned with your SEO strategy, so you can reach as many potential couples as possible.

Using information from your wedding venue’s SEO, email marketing, content marketing and social media campaigns, we can plan and implement your PPC campaigns in advance of wedding open days or special offers.


People don’t always enquire or book the first time they visit a website. Using remarketing, purpose-designed ads, and data segmentation, we can reach these potential couples again so they return to your website and book, turning a wasted click into an enquiry or booking.


We combine data-driven wedding venue PPC campaigns with tailored landing pages with relevant and well-written copy, with a clear call to action, so we can convert your wedding venue’s website visitors into leads.


Our team of digital marketing experts create managed PPC campaigns that are trackable and measurable, so you can prove the increase in ROI for your wedding venue, and exceed your business goals.



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Other Wedding Venue Services

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From technical analysis and migrations to keyword research, copywriting and link building campaigns, our experienced in-house SEO team can deliver a winning strategy to help your wedding venue stand out in search engines and capture valuable leads.

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Paid Social Media

Our team of social media experts has collaborated with wedding venues of various sizes, devising and executing impactful social media campaigns that successfully meet our clients’ goals.

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Web Design

Our proficient team of web developers and designers has produced numerous websites tailored for the wedding venue sector. Whether your goal is increased traffic, higher quality leads, or brand reinforcement, we can construct a fully customised website to meet the specific business objectives of your wedding venue.

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