Digital Marketing Case Study: Coveya

Bristol based conveyor
belt manufacturer

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The challenge

Coveya came to wired Media looking for a new website, it was quickly identified that they had a data problem which was effecting there ability to understand how the website and marketing campaigns were performing. Website visibility was also an issue, PPC campaigns were not profitable and organic visibility (SEO) was being negatively effected by technical website errors

Another challenge Coveya had was an unusable website CMS which was making it difficult to make changes to the site quickly.


Increase in conversions


Increase in session duration


Increase in engaged sessions


Increase in tracked revenue
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Wired Media have delivered exceptional service, offering strategic and practical PPC, SEO and website advice, which has helped increase leads and sales. Joel is an expert in managing PPC, and is a pleasure to work with, providing exceptional service, always going beyond to deliver the best for us.
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Amanda Woollaston, Coveya
The solution

We set to work fixing the data issues in Google analytics to ensure we could analyse performance effectively. Due to the nature of Coveya’s business a lot of conversions were coming over the phone so call tracking software was installed to ensure any PPC campaigns that were driving phone calls received the deserved credit.

We then moved the website onto the WordPress CMS creating a very easy to use backend, allowing staff at Coveya to make changes to the website when required. As a result of the above Coveya were able to track 110% more conversions leading to the ability to scale there PPC campaigns and ensure a high ROI.

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