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Data Driven Estate Agent Pay Per Click that provides a high ROI

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a cost-effective strategy for attracting highly engaged traffic to your estate or lettings agent website, playing a vital role in boosting conversion rates.



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Our Estate Agent PPC Services

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Google Ads

Estate agents and lettings agents can’t afford to overlook Google advertising. With over 3 billion internet searches occurring daily, displaying ads to users seeking pertinent keywords guarantees maximum exposure for your estate agency to potential clients.

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Landing Page Optimisation

Utilising our in-house team of web designers and developers, we can create landing pages optimised for conversion rates in your estate agent’s PPC campaigns. PPC visitors exhibit distinct behaviours compared to organic site visitors, making a thoughtfully designed landing page the key to transforming casual interest into bookings.

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If you’re engaging in paid search to attract new clients, it’s essential to have remarketing campaigns in place. Through custom audience lists, these campaigns exclusively present ads to users who’ve previously visited your estate agents’ website, proving to be an effective method for converting users who may have abandoned their interactions.

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Microsoft Ads

We have a strong preference for Microsoft Ads, primarily due to the frequently observed positive outcomes, including reduced cost-per-click, improved traffic quality, and increased revenue value. If you’re contemplating investment in search advertising for your estate agency website, extending your ad reach to Yahoo and Bing is a n avenue certainly worth exploring.

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If you aim to engage users throughout their online journey, consider incorporating display ads into your marketing strategy. These image-based adverts appear on websites like The Guardian and effectively entice visitors to return to your estate agency’s website.

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Have fantastic video content? Great! Running ads on YouTube is a smart choice. With ads starting at just £0.01 per view, YouTube campaigns offer an excellent method to market your estate agency to large, engaged audiences.

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PPC agency for Estate Agents and Property Services

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns offer an effective means to drive daily traffic to your estate agency website. These campaigns involve bidding on keywords within popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

When a potential client searches using your chosen keyword, your estate agency’s PPC ads are displayed, and you only incur costs when someone clicks on your advert.

We handle the setup and management of your estate agency’s PPC campaigns with predefined budgets, ensuring you have full spending control. Aligning PPC with your SEO strategy enhances the reach of potential clients.

Leveraging data from your estate agency’s SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and social media efforts, we strategically plan and execute PPC campaigns in sync with major events or special offers.

Estate agents can employ PPC to engage new and existing clients, showcasing property management services, facilities, and promotional rates. Additionally, our remarketing, tailored ads, and data segmentation techniques help convert visitors into clients who may not convert initially.

Our data-driven PPC campaigns, coupled with well-crafted landing pages featuring compelling content and a clear call to action, effectively convert your estate agency website visitors into paying clients. Our digital marketing experts create and manage these campaigns, offering trackable and measurable results to prove ROI growth and help your estate agency exceed its business objectives.


Quote Start We have been working with Wired Media for a few years now, since they designed our new website for us. We use them for website development, PPC and SEO. Working with specialist teams for each area under one overall Account Manager works very well as we get great account management and specialist input at the same time. I would definitely recommend working with them for your website needs. Quote Start
Juliet Perrett, Clifton Rubber
Quote Start Joel Green masterfully optimized our Google Ads, resulting in a remarkable increase in traffic. His expertise and strategic adjustments made a significant and measurable impact. we would highly recommend them. Quote Start
Jack Chandler, Switch Health
Quote Start Great team to work with and really pleased with the results we're seeing from our PPC campaigns and SEO Quote Start
Wendy Worger, The Property Center
Quote Start Wired are helping our business to reach more customers, with SEO improvements, web development services and PPC. They have individual experts on each area who really know their stuff! Quote Start
Debbie Walker, Anglo Welsh
Quote Start We have been working with Wired on SEO, PPC and also web development and have been very impressed in all areas. We have seen great results in our presence on Google and a big increase in overall sales. The team are also a pleasure to work with. Quote Start
Chloe Sapsford, Yves Delorme
Quote Start The Website looks great and its been a pleasure working with you all at Wired Media Quote Start
James Suter, Gliffaes Hotel

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Other Estate Agent Services

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Our dedicated in-house SEO team can provide everything from technical analysis and migrations to keyword research, copywriting, content marketing to link-building campaigns, getting you to the top of the search results and driving targeted inbound traffic to your website, generating more bookings.

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Paid Social Media

Our social media specialists have worked with estate agents both big and small, to devise and implement effective social media campaigns that achieve clients’ objectives.

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Web Design

Our skilled team of web developers and designers have designed and developed hundreds of websites for the property management industry, designed with your target audience in mind to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.

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