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Data Driven Dental Pay Per Click that provides a high ROI

PPC (pay per click) is a cost-effective method of generating highly engaged traffic to your dental website, driving more enquiries and increasing new patient registrations.



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Our Dental PPC Services

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Google Ads

For dental businesses, advertising on Google is essential. With over 3 billion internet searches conducted daily, displaying ads to users searching for pertinent keywords is a reliable method to present your dental services and products to potential patients and customers. Trust us: it’s effective.

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Landing Page Optimisation

Utilising our in-house team of web designers and developers, we can create landing pages optimised for conversion rates for your dental PPC campaigns. PPC visitors exhibit different behaviours compared to organic website visitors, hence a meticulously crafted landing page can determine whether someone merely clicks or becomes a customer.

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If you’re investing in paid search to draw in new patients, it’s crucial to have remarketing campaigns established. By utilising custom audience lists, these campaigns exclusively show ads to users who have previously visited your dental website. This strategy proves highly effective in converting visitors who might have abandoned their enquiry or booking before finalising it.

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Microsoft Ads

We favour Microsoft Ads as they often yield impressive outcomes, such as reduced cost-per-click, superior quality traffic, and increased conversions. If you’re considering investing in search advertising for your dental website, extending your ads to encompass Yahoo and Bing is definitely worth contemplating.

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If you aim to target users across all stages of their online journey, incorporating display ads into your marketing strategy is essential. These visually appealing ads, displayed on websites like The Guardian, serve as an excellent means to entice visitors back to your dental website.

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Do you have compelling video content? Then running ads on YouTube is a straightforward decision. With ad costs starting as low as £0.01 per view, YouTube campaigns offer an excellent avenue for promoting your dental services and products to sizeable, engaged audiences actively seeking such content.

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PPC agency for dental practices and businesses

PPC (pay per click) campaigns are an excellent means for you to garner more pertinent visits to your dental website regularly.

PPC operates by bidding on search terms (keywords) on popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Your dental PPC ads will appear when someone searches using the keyword you’ve bid on, and you’ll only incur charges when a potential patient clicks on your advert, not merely when it’s displayed to them.

We can establish and oversee your dental PPC campaigns with allocated budgets, ensuring you’re aware of your daily expenditure, maintaining your control.

For dental businesses, PPC functions optimally when aligned with your SEO strategy, enabling you to reach a broader audience of potential patients.

Dental PPC can be utilised to engage both new and existing patients, highlighting your practice along with promotional offers and rates.

Initial website visits might not always result in immediate bookings. Through remarketing, purpose-designed ads, and data segmentation, we target these potential patients to encourage their return to your site, ultimately converting a previously fruitless click into a new patient sign-up.

We merge data-informed dental PPC campaigns with customised landing pages containing pertinent and well-crafted content, incorporating a clear call to action, thereby facilitating the conversion of your website visitors into repeat clientele.

Our team of digital marketing specialists crafts managed PPC campaigns that are both traceable and measurable, allowing you to demonstrate an enhanced return on investment (ROI) for your business, surpassing your set objectives.



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Other Dental Services

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From technical audits and migrations to keyword research, copywriting, and link-building campaigns, our in-house SEO team propels your dental clinic’s website and content to the forefront of search engine results pages, enhancing visibility and generating enquiries from potential new patients.

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Paid Social Media

Our social media experts have collaborated with dental businesses, both large and small, to create and execute effective social media campaigns that meet our clients’ objectives.

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Web Design

Our proficient team of web developers and designers have crafted hundreds of websites for the dental industry, all tailored with your target audience in mind to drive traffic to your website and boost new patient registrations.

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