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PPC for Legal Services & Solicitors

Discover the power of Wired Media's PPC (pay-per click) solutions tailored exclusively for law firms. Maximise your online presence, attract qualified leads, and boost ROI with our proven strategies.

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PPC agency for law firms and legal services

In the competitive world of legal services, harnessing the potential of professional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is paramount.

At Wired Media, we specialise in crafting tailored PPC campaigns exclusively for law firms. Our expertise extends beyond mere clicks; we focus on creating websites designed to convert visitors into loyal clients seamlessly.

We understand the nuances of legal industry advertising, targeting the right keywords and demographics to ensure your budget is well spent. Our experts empower your firm not just to drive traffic but to achieve measurable, revenue-generating results.

Our approach to PPC for law firms is rooted in data-driven precision. We conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis to ensure your campaigns are strategically positioned and bidding correctly.

From optimising ad copy to implementing advanced tracking tools, we continuously refine your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Moreover, our website development team specialises in crafting user-friendly, conversion-focused websites that instil trust and confidence in potential clients.

With Wired Media as your partner, you’ll have the tools and expertise to stand out in the legal industry and turn website visitors into valuable clients who trust your expertise and commitment.

Google Ads

For law firms, advertising on Google is essential. With over 3 billion daily internet searches, displaying ads to users actively seeking relevant keywords is a proven strategy for positioning your services in front of potential clients – believe us, it delivers results.

Optimised landing pages

Utilising our in-house team of web designers and developers, we have the capability to create landing pages tailored for optimal conversion rates in your legal services PPC campaigns. PPC traffic exhibits distinct behaviour compared to organic visitors, making a thoughtfully designed landing page pivotal in transforming a clicker into a valued customer.


When you’re allocating resources to paid search to attract new website visitors, it’s crucial to establish remarketing campaigns. These campaigns, employing custom audience lists, exclusively present ads to individuals who have previously explored your law firm’s website. They prove highly efficient in re-engaging users who may have abandoned their online interactions, thereby enhancing the chances of converting them into clients.

Microsoft Ads

We have a strong affinity for Microsoft Ads because they consistently yield impressive outcomes, including reduced cost-per-clicks, improved traffic quality, and increased revenue value. If you’re considering investing in search advertising for your legal services website, including Yahoo and Bing in your ad strategy is a smart choice worth exploring.


To effectively reach users throughout their entire online experience, integrating display ads into your marketing strategy is essential. These visually appealing ads, featured on platforms like The Guardian, serve as a powerful tool for reinviting visitors to your law firm’s website.

YouTube Advertising

If you have compelling video content, advertising on YouTube is a clear choice. With ads priced as low as £0.01 per view, YouTube campaigns offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your products to large, engaged, and ready-to-engage audiences.

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Benefits of working with Wired Media

Quality work at affordable prices

We love what we do, and we believe in providing our clients with a high-quality service that’s competitively priced.

Experienced UK-based team

We’ve been designing and developing websites since 2001 and have vast experience in creating websites that help you reach your business goals.

First-class project management

Our dedicated project management team has vast experience delivering beautiful, functional websites for our clients on time and on budget.

Full-service digital agency

Our ethos is to build websites with marketing in mind, with our experienced digital marketers are on-hand to help you with any SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, or social media campaigns you have planned.

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Get in touch and let us know about your legal services PPC requirements or take a look at some of the other services we offer below:

Social media

Our team of social media experts have partnered with law firms of various sizes, developing and executing successful social media campaigns that fulfil clients’ goals.

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Web design and development

Our team of web developers and designers have created and built numerous websites tailored for the legal services sector. These websites are meticulously crafted with your target audience in focus, aimed at driving traffic and elevating your conversion rates.

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Email marketing

Email marketing stands out as an exceptionally lucrative marketing avenue for our law firm clientele, serving as an excellent tool for accomplishing various business goals. It spans from encouraging repeat transactions to acquiring fresh customers and facilitating the generation of valuable leads.

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Our in-house SEO team offers a comprehensive array of services, spanning technical analysis, migrations, keyword research, content creation, and link-building. We aim to elevate your search engine ranking, increase website traffic, and boost your website’s ROI.

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Content marketing

Our team of content marketing experts is adept at crafting routine blog posts, always keeping SEO and conversion optimisation at the forefront. This strategy drives relevant traffic to your website while presenting user-friendly landing pages that entice visitors to convert, fostering brand growth, boosting domain authority, and enhancing your industry expertise.

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PR and outreach

With legal services PR, we enhance your firm’s visibility via continuous outreach efforts, encompassing PR initiatives for new ventures and even crisis management.

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