Remarketing, also known as retargeting, enables you to show advertisements across the internet to recent visitors to your website.

Remarketing ads can be displayed across a wide range of websites and social channels (Facebook and Twitter), even via mobiles. The purpose is simple. This technique ensures that people do not forget about you, it can help cement your brand and encourages visitors to come back to your website.

As part of this service we aim to understand the various journeys a customer will take across your website and develop perfectly aligned advertisements to increase their effectiveness. If for example they have looked at a certain product, or have looked at pages about weddings then the ads would use creative and photography to support this.

It is likely you have also paid for these customers to visit your website, whether it is through Social, PR or PPC. With that in mind, it’s important they convert into bookings and revenue – some customers just need a little encouragement! We’re careful not to overdo it and put people off.