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Lead Gen PPC Campaign Management Services

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Free Account Audit

First off we will provide you with a free account audit to check how your accounts are structured, the health of your Google account a provide a free report including vital areas for PPC lead gen like your Ad Rank, impression share and ROI. More importantly we will show you how we would improve all of these performance metrics!

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Free Landing Page audit

Lead Generation relies heavily on the performance of your website landing pages, we will look at everything from page speed to conversion rates and go over our tested page structure and contact forms that gets us such great results!

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Data Analysis

Data accuracy and analysis is crucial for lead generation, we will ensure you are tracking the right information, set up new conversions where needed and consult with you to assign values to your conversions. All of this can then be fed into your Google Ads account to improve conversions.

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Call Tracking

If your business converts customers over the phone this needs to be tracked! We partner with one of the best call tracking providers in the world and can help ensure you know every phone call that originated from a PPC click, vital information if you want to hit an ROI figure and scale your campaigns.

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Real-time reporting

When everything is set up we will provide you with our real time PPC report, you will be able to see basic top line information like how much you have invested and your return to more detailed information like your quality scores, impression share and individual campaign performance.

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Vital if you want to grow! we are expert’s in PPC lead generation but you know everything about your business. We will communicate regularly to ensure we are up to date with your business strategy and can feedback our progress, what we are doing and of course the results!

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The Benefits of Wired Media's Lead Generation

Visibility of your Business  – Google is the best place to find your customers! with targeted PPC campaigns you can get in front of the people who are actively looking for your service. Search engine traffic is by far the highest quality traffic you can send to your website if you are looking for new customers and that’s where an Experienced PPC Agency like Wired Media comes in.

A Clear ROI – Its a lot harder to track an ROI from your PPC campaigns when you need to generate leads to feed your sales team. People can convert via contact forms, over the phone, via a chat bot, all of which need to be tracked. We will fix all the gaps in your data so you have a better understanding of your PPC ROI

Its Works Fast – Some of the best keywords you want to target are incredibly competitive and could take you years and a big investment if you want to do it organically (SEO) Your PPC ads will automatically be placed at the top of the search results, above the organic results and you can pic and choose the best converting keywords for your business.

All in one solution  – Most Lead Generation businesses rely on Development Agency to help them create landing pages are complete AB testing. We have our own lead generation Development team who will work side by side with our PPC team to help you get results.



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