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Google Ads is a cost-effective method of generating highly engaged traffic to your website to help drive more leads and increase conversions.

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Google Ads Services For Hotels

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Free Account Audit

Get started with a comprehensive, no-cost audit of your current Google Ads account. Our specialists will analyse your existing campaigns, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. This detailed assessment sets the stage for a strategic overhaul, ensuring your ad spend is optimised from the get-go.

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Conversion Tracking

Understanding what drives bookings is crucial. We implement robust conversion tracking systems, including call tracking if needed, to monitor every customer interaction. This data-driven approach allows us to pinpoint what works best, refining strategies to boost your conversion rates and maximise your return on investment.

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Experienced Staff

Our team of seasoned professionals brings years of experience in managing Google Ads campaigns specifically for the hospitality industry. With a deep understanding of hotel marketing, we craft campaigns that resonate with your target audience, ensuring your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

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Data Report

Transparency and accountability are key. We provide detailed data reports that offer insights into your campaign’s performance. These reports highlight key metrics such as click-through rates, cost-per-click, and overall ad spend, enabling you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

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ROI Focused

At Wired Media, we are committed to delivering tangible results. Our ROI-focused approach ensures that every dollar spent on Google Ads contributes to your bottom line. By continually optimising your campaigns, we strive to achieve the highest possible return on investment, driving more direct bookings and revenue for your hotel.

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Landing Page Performance

We optimise your landing pages to ensure they are high-performing and aligned with your ads. By improving the user experience and relevance of your landing pages, we increase the likelihood of conversions and maximise your return on ad spend.

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What Is Google Ads And Why Your Hotel Needs It?

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that allows businesses to display ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), YouTube, and other Google-affiliated sites. It operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, meaning you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. For hotels, this means you can target potential guests precisely when they are searching for accommodations, ensuring your ad spend is used efficiently.


Why does your hotel need Google Ads? First, it provides immediate visibility. Unlike organic search results which take time to build, Google Ads can place your hotel at the top of search results almost instantly. This is crucial for capturing the attention of potential guests who may be planning trips and making booking decisions quickly.

Second, Google Ads offers unparalleled targeting options. You can target users based on their search queries, location, interests, and even previous interactions with your website. This ensures your ads reach the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of bookings.


Finally, Google Ads delivers measurable results. With detailed analytics and reporting, you can track the performance of your campaigns in real-time, allowing for continuous optimization and better allocation of your marketing budget. In a competitive industry like hospitality, having the ability to adapt and refine your strategies based on concrete data is invaluable.


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Joel Green masterfully optimized our Google Ads, resulting in a remarkable increase in traffic. His expertise and strategic adjustments made a significant and measurable impact. we would highly recommend them.
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Jack Chandler, Switch Health

Other Services That Compliment Google Ads

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Our search engine optimisation (SEO) services ensure your hotel ranks high on search engines organically. We optimise your website content, structure, and keywords to improve visibility, attract more visitors, and convert them into guests.

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Paid Social Media

We manage targeted paid social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These campaigns are designed to engage your audience, build brand awareness, and drive direct bookings through compelling and creative ad content.

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Web Design

Our expert web design team creates visually appealing, user-friendly websites that provide an excellent user experience. A well-designed website not only enhances your brand image but also encourages direct bookings, reducing reliance on third-party booking platforms.

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Other Hotel Services

Our SEO strategies improve your website’s search engine ranking, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility to potential guests.

SEO For Hotels
Web Design
Our design team crafts visually stunning and user-friendly websites that reflect your brand and provide an exceptional user experience.

Web Design For Hotels
Web Development
We develop robust, high-performing websites that are optimised for speed, functionality, and mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

Web Development For Hotels
PPC (Pay Per Click)
Our PPC campaigns are designed to drive immediate traffic and bookings through strategically placed ads on search engines and other platforms.

PPC For Hotels
Google Ads
using Google Ads to increase the visibility of your Brand while maintaining a high ROI is beneficial to 99% of our clients

Google Ads For Hotels
Paid Social Media
We create targeted social media campaigns that engage your audience, build brand awareness, and drive direct bookings.

Paid Social Media For Hotels
Managed Hosting
We offer reliable and secure hosting solutions that ensure your website remains fast, secure, and always online, providing peace of mind and excellent user experiences for your guests.

Managed Hosting For Hotels
Re-marketing Campaigns are the best way to maximise your Digital Marketing ROI. Get your Brand in front of potential customers multiple times with our data driven campaigns

Hotel Remarketing Campaigns
Landing Page Optimisation
Microsoft Ads
Website Support
Digital Marketing