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Data Driven SEO that provides a high ROI

Our Bristol Based SEO team have years of experience in a range of different industries. We can help with anything from a full SEO strategy to technical fixes, website migrations or on-page optimisation and link building.

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SEO With Wired Media

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Free SEO Audit

Our SEO team will provide you with a detailed audit to show you the technical strengths and weakness of your website, areas of improvements and what your competitors are currently doing better than you. We will also look into growth opportunities and how we would improve the organic traffic to your website

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SEO Strategist

All of our customers have direct access to one of our SEO strategists who will help create the strategy with you and walk you through our process. You will have monthly calls to discuss results and progress and we will ensure you are kept up to date with everything we do.

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SEO Development

We have an inhouse development team who will be able to make any technical changes on your website quickly without the need to put them in a long development que. We will aim to get all technical fixes completed within the first couple of months of working together.

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Data Tracking

Tracking your results is an important part of what we do! we will check and improve your data as part of the onboarding process to ensure we are able to accurately track the value of your SEO strategy and monitor keyword improvements each month.

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Fixed Pricing

We like to ensure our pricing and easy for our customers to understand. We have a fixed price for all of our customers and will ensure you are aware of the monthly investment, any development that is required and the amount of time required before you start seeing an increase in organic revenue.

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Monthly Reports

Its really important to us that you understand the value of our service and can see the improvements we are making. Our SEO team will provide you with a monthly report, detailing what we did last month, what we are doing this month and the results we are getting month on month and year on year.

SEO Case Study: Fox Davidson

400% increase in keywords ranking on
the first page of Google, for a
Bristol based Mortgage company

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Strategy & Results

We have been working with Fox Davidson as an SEO client for many years and its always been great seeing them in their Bristol office. We have focused on three main areas, ensuring a technically sound website, creating lots of fresh content targeting the industries they work in, case studies, latest news and top level category pages. We also ensure all landing pages are optimised and adhering to Googles latest updates.


In a competitive market Fox Davidson rank number one in Google for “Mortgage Company Bristol” they are in the top three for “mortgage company Bath” and also rank for hundreds of other high converting keywords.


Increase in page one keywords


Increase in SEO Conversions


Increase in Organic sessions


Client Satisfaction
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Since working with Wired Media, we've seen an increase in unique visitors to the site and in website leads. The team at Wired Media take time to understand our business, research our competitors, and deliver solutions that ensure Fox Davidson search well organically, keeping ahead of the game.
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Wesley Davidson, Fox Davidson

SEO Case Study:

Red Paddle Co


SEO Case Study:



SEO Case Study:

Yves Delorme

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ROI Driven SEO Management Services For Organic Growth

In the digital age, achieving online visibility is paramount. Wired Media understand that the world of SEO can be complex and filled with jargon. That’s why we’re here – to simplify SEO management services and deliver tangible results for our clients across the UK.

At our Bristol agency, we harness the power of SEO to ensure that your online presence stands out. SEO  (Search Engine Optimisation) revolves around one key principle: getting your website to appear higher in Google’s search results using the search terms your customers use. We work in harmony with the search algorithm to ensure that your target audience finds you effortlessly.

SEO Case Study:



SEO Case Study:

Heavenly Homes


SEO Case Study:

Mick George


Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs

Get in touch today and one of our experienced team will arrange a call to discuss your requirements. Take advantage of our free strategy consultation to help you understand our services and how we can help you grow.

Do you need SEO? and how we get great results

The Impact of Higher Rankings – The benefits are clear: the higher you rank in search results, the more visible your website becomes, leading to an increase in clicks. But it’s not just about quantity – it’s about quality. We focus on attracting the right clicks – those that are more likely to result in a sale, booking, or enquiry.


Size Doesn’t Matter – Whether you’re running a small business or managing a large corporation, an effective SEO strategy is essential. Every website, regardless of its size, should have an SEO plan in place.


Elevate Your Online Presence – Our experts specialise in optimising your web pages and metadata; elevating your position in Google’s organic search results. This not only increases your visibility, but also increases the chances of converting a casual visitor into a paying customer.

Getting The Best SEO Results


Analysis – Data analysis is fundamental to the success of your SEO strategy. Wired Media uses industry-leading software to monitor the performance of your website and to identify improvement opportunities.


Website Performance – We will audit your website at regular intervals (bi-monthly or monthly) to ensure that traffic is improving, visitors are converting and that your website is in perfect condition.


Content Creation/Optimisation – We will continually enhance existing content, as well as creating engaging, keyword-optimised content in line with our keyword research to ensure our SEO team drive consistent, relevant traffic to your website.

The Three Pillars Of SEO

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation of any SEO campaign (and often the most difficult to perfect). Our SEO team works hand-in-hand with our Development team to ensure your website is in top condition when Google crawls your site. Working on everything from page filters and canonicalisation to page speed and redirect chains, the team can provide a detailed technical audit on everything that needs improving and ensure Google , and humans alike, get a great experience when visiting your website.

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On-Page Content

Once the website is technically sound, we can start improving the content on your website to target relevant keywords. Data analysis is the key to finding the best keywords, once found, our SEO copywriters can ensure these keywords are targeted on the page. We can provide a range of copywriting solutions from product, category, and service pages to top-of-the-funnel blog content, targeting longer-tail keywords.

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Off-Site SEO

Many businesses don’t understand the benefits of a strong link profile to a SEO campaign. Wired Media work with influencers and bloggers across the UK to ensure you have fresh, natural links pointing to the pages that matter and don’t have to worry about a Google penalty. We can also help if you have an existing Google penalty or need to clean up your website’s link profile. Contact us for a complimentary Link profile audit and we will help you put a link strategy in place.


I am new to SEO. How long will it take to get started?
Depending on your budget, for most clients we can put a strategy together, complete initial keyword research and a website technical analysis in the first month. We can then start making changes to your website that will make a positive difference to organic visibility. Every website is different, however, so our Bristol SEO team will discuss everything with you before we start to create a bespoke strategy for your brand.
How quickly will I see results?
This is a very difficult question to answer based on the number of variables involved in increasing a websites visibility in the search results. Results will depend on factors including your domain age (results will take longer for a new website) and the technical health of your site (there could be hidden issues that once fixed improve your visibility quickly). Other sites that are technically healthy might take longer. Your competition will also play a big part in results. Some industries are behind the times and so results come quite quickly however for a competitive industry, more work will be needed. Lastly your budget, SEO is mainly a time based service, the more time we put in each month the quicker you will see results. Our Bristol SEO team will work with you to provide a strategy and budget recommendation that ensures you see results in two to three months.
Can you increase traffic from local search terms?
Yes. We specialise in local SEO, ensuring that your URLs, technical fields (title tags, headings, meta descriptions) and content are primed for local search, as well as optimising your Google My Business (GMB) page. Local SEO is mainly improved by creating relevant content on your location and service, something our SEO Agency has done for hundreds of clients.
Do you provide an international SEO service?
Yes, our Bristol SEO Agency has years of experience dealing with international clients. Areas such as international technical SEO, keyword research, creating local content and working with your team to rank highly across the globe.
What makes Wired Media better than other agencies?
Our SEO team has years of experience working in hundreds of different industries. Helped by our own internal development team who can fix technical site issues, sort any data issues and help improve your website for SEO. There is nothing worse than having to wait months for technical SEO issues to be fixed but our full service Agency has you covered.
How much dose SEO cost?
SEO agencies can vary on price depending on the amount of work that they need to undertake and the deliverables in question. We don’t undertake any SEO retainers for less than £1,000p/m. This is because we want to ensure we have enough time to make a real impact on your website. There’s no point paying £500 a month for SEO, which then takes you five years to get results. We will work with you to to define a budget that balances cost and results and if you are not in a position to start an SEO campaign we have other options available to help your business grow.
Are your staff UK based?
Our Bristol SEO Agency is just that, full time staff based in or around Bristol. In the age of remote working, we do have staff that work in other areas of the UK but they are all full time, work for Wired Media and are available for video conference calls and face to face client meetings.
Wired Media don't have experience in my industry how can you help?
Although we have experience in multiple industries, occasionally, a client comes along from a new industry. Our SEO team will swiftly complete competitor and keyword research, enabling them to present a winning SEO strategy. We would always say that its more important to have experienced SEO professionals than industry experience.

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Industries We Work With

eCommerce SEO
With over 20 years’ experience providing SEO services for eCommerce businesses, we know all the technical issues that need fixing, how to optimise your product and category pages and how to build a link profile that will push you to the top of Google.

Hotel SEO
Understanding how SEO can drive down your OTA costs and increase capacity rates is what we do best. Our SEO team knows the best keywords to drive traffic that will convert.
SEO For Law Firms
We understand how competitive the legal sector is and the importance of an SEO strategy that can help reduce your expensive cost per click costs. Our team have experience with Law Firms big and small.
Estate Agent SEO
Targeting people looking to buy, sell, rent or value there house can be a tricky proposition with the rise of property portals like Rightmove. We can help you with all aspects of your SEO strategy.
Construction SEO
Our SEO Agency work’s with a number of building contractors be it selling equipment, excavation, earthmoving or selling building supplies, we know all the tricks to help you rank highly online.
SEO For Education
working with Schools, colleges or education institutes to increase their visibility in the Google SERP’s can be tricky. Complicated websites that have multiple departments adding content need monthly analysis.
Public Sector SEO
Our team have years of experience in a whole range of public sectors, we know what works and have a number of customers who would be happy to tell you about their experience.
For those with B2B professional services brands, such as solicitors, accountants, consultants, lawyers, investment managers, and those in financial services, a functional website, and solid SEO strategy can help business growth.
Tech SEO
Whether you’re developing hardware or software solutions for your B2B or B2C clients, we can help you grow your brand with a powerful SEO strategy.