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Waste Not, Want Not

Who would have thought that moving offices would uncover so much unused… stuff?

As we move into our brand new, shiny offices – with great coffee, we might add – we also wave goodbye to lots of unwanted bits and bobs that we’ve acquired over time.  

As a digital marketing agency, you can imagine that we had quite the number of wires, cables and screens and an obscene amount of routers once we’d packed everything up, all of which we need to hang onto.

But what about the rest of it?

The brand new, unboxed stationery we never used and the reams of paper for a copier we barely need, as we’re an almost paperless agency, you see.

Well, after some hard work and dedication from the team, we’ve managed to rehouse absolutely everything we could and we couldn’t be happier about it.

From the pens, plastic wallets and Pritt-Sticks that are now being made much better use of at several local primary schools to the desks that have made their merry way to the staff at Base Radio Bristol, we have found a home for all our reusable stock. Even the old collection tin that our development team have been nurturing over a number of years was divided between the wonderful folks at Macmillan and the homeless residents of Park Street.

We can assure you, no stone was left unturned and no paperclip left idle.  

Here’s to minimal waste and a continued effort to recycle in the new office!

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