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Up Your SEO Game for Black Friday

The holiday season is crucial for a successful year. During these months a large chunk of revenue is expected, so it is important to optimise your website to take advantage of any seasonal sales opportunities.

One of the most popular of revenue opportunities is Black Friday. Traditionally the last Friday in November has seen an exponential amount of growth in online sales year on year and is something hotel’s shouldn’t shy away from.

1.Analyse your current situation
Before you start to plan a seasonal keyword strategy for your website we must take it back to basics. As experts in web design and SEO, we seen hundreds of poorly designed websites. In order for an SEO strategy to work, users must be able to easily access and read content on an aesthetically pleasing website. Branding is key and your website theme must be uniform.

2. Know your keywords
You should already have an idea of the the best performing keywords for your business. However, now is the time to carry out research to find ‘Black Friday’ related keywords that will target potential customers. There are many tools such as Google Trends Reports which will allow you to view the search terms users are frequently using during that period of time.

3.Today is your tomorrow
After you have produced your new keywords list, you need to start writing content to include them. In SEO there is rule that states any seasonal content should be published 45-days before the event in order to have maximum impact. The earlier you start to optimise your website and upload new content, the better!

4. Keep the excitement flowing
Likewise with any offer or promotion, start creating the buzz by giving your customers a preview of what’s coming soon. Create a ‘coming soon’ page on your website and incorporate the important keywords and links. An ‘early access Black Friday sale’ newsletter is also a great way to excite your loyal customer base.

Need Help Planning Your Black Friday Strategy?

Get ahead of the game and start planning your Black Friday strategy today, remember that the earlier you start making updates, the better. For more information or advice on expert SEO and web design, give us a call on 0117 930 4365.

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