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Law Firm Web Design: Boost Your Contact Form Submissions

In today’s digital age, a well-designed website can be a law firm’s most powerful tool for attracting potential clients and generating leads. One of the key metrics for success in this endeavour is the number of contact form submissions. To enhance your law firm’s online presence and boost contact form submissions, consider these eight top web design tips:

8 Top Tips To Improve Your Law Firm Website

1. Simplify Your Navigation

A streamlined and intuitive website navigation is crucial for guiding visitors to your contact page. Legal websites can often have complex structures due to the various areas of practice and services offered. Simplify your navigation by categorising content logically and using clear, easy-to-understand labels in your menu. Ensure that visitors can easily find their way to your contact form from any page on your website.

2. Clear and Obvious Call to Actions

Your website’s Call to Actions (CTAs) should be clear, prominent, and strategically placed throughout your site. Use persuasive language in your CTAs to encourage visitors to take action. For example, phrases like “Get Legal Advice Now” or “Speak to a Lawyer” can be effective. Make sure these CTAs stand out visually and are easily accessible from all pages.

3. The Importance of a Visible Contact Form on a Landing Page

A visible contact form on your landing page can significantly boost form submissions. Many visitors won’t bother searching for a contact page; they expect to find a form conveniently placed on the page they land on.. Ensure your contact form is easily accessible, and consider using a sticky header or a CTA button that triggers a form to keep it accessible at all times.

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials can establish trust and credibility for your law firm. Display positive feedback prominently on your website, especially on your contact page. Real-life experiences from past clients can reassure potential clients that they are making the right choice in contacting your firm.

5. Great Imagery

Images can convey professionalism and competence. Use high-quality imagery that aligns with the legal field. Include professional photos of your team, your office, or legal settings. These visuals can humanise your law firm and help potential clients feel more comfortable reaching out to you. Remember to optimise the images for your website otherwise you could introduce Page speed issues.

6. Does Your Website Say What You Do Above the Fold?

The area above the fold on your website is prime real estate for conveying your law firm’s message. Visitors should instantly understand what your firm specialises in and how you can help them. Use clear headlines, concise descriptions, and compelling visuals to communicate your expertise and practice areas. This clarity can encourage visitors to take the next step and submit a contact form.

7. Highlight Your USPs and Make Them Obvious

Identify your law firm’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) and showcase them prominently on your website. Whether it’s your years of experience, a specialisation in a specific area of law, or awards, make these USPs clear and obvious. Visitors should immediately recognise the benefits of choosing your Law firm over others.

8. Breaking Up Long Sections of Text on Mobile

Mobile optimisation is essential as many potential clients will access your website on smartphones. Long paragraphs of text can be overwhelming on smaller screens. Break up content into shorter paragraphs, use subheadings, bullet points, CTA’s and images to make your content more digestible. A mobile-friendly design ensures a better user experience and will improve contact form submissions.

In conclusion, a well-designed law firm website can significantly impact contact form submissions and lead generation. By simplifying navigation, using clear CTAs, emphasising the importance of a visible contact form, showcasing customer reviews, using great imagery, conveying your message above the fold, highlighting your USPs, and optimising for mobile, your website can become a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and growing your legal practice.

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