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Our dedicated in-house SEO team provides everything from technical analysis and migrations to keyword research, Google My Business optimisation, copywriting, and link building campaigns, so we can generate more leads and drive more traffic to your professional services website.

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Our team of PPC professionals are experts at building and optimising paid search accounts, to drive more online purchases to your professional services website, and increase your brand awareness, via both Google and Bing.

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Social Media

Our social media specialists have worked with professional services firms big and small to devise and implement effective social media campaigns that achieve clients’ objectives.

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Web Design

Our experienced team of web developers and designers have created hundreds of websites for the hotel and hospitality industry, and can deliver you a sleek, high-performing website to increase conversions, turning lookers into bookers.

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Website Maintenance

Often overlooked, your hotel’s website needs maintaining to ensure its secure, fast and not broken when people or Google pay a visit, Our web design team will keep everything up and running, plugins updated and ensure it looks great on on major devices and browsers

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Web Hosting

Our Managed hosting solution ensures your website stays up longer and is secure and backed up encase of any issues. We will also optimise your server to ensure your website is fast to load and monitor it by the minute to pick up anything that needs fixing.

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Case Study – Mick George


Case Study – Butcombe Brewery


Case Study – Red Paddle

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We started working with Wired Media in 2019, and they’ve been a great partner for us. They’ve helped us launch two new websites that have not only improved the customer journey but also helped drive a significant increase in organic website traffic. Additionally, they've been a lead in increasing our eCommerce sales by tenfold.
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Bruce Rowlands , Butcombe Brewery

Digital marketing for professional services

The launch of your website should be the start of the process, not the end of it.


Now that you have your website, which should be mobile- and tablet-friendly, search engine-friendly, and easily editable, so you can maintain it by ensuring it is regularly updated with:

  • Financials
  • Latest news
  • Projects won
  • Projects started
  • Projects completed
  • Customer testimonials

Furthermore, you should be using B2B platforms, and B2C if relevant, to communicate your successes, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and trade publications.

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