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Project Scope

Wired Media partnered with Wired Media to enhance its online presence. Focused on increasing leads, Wired Media collaborated with Circana to implement a comprehensive Google Ads strategy. This case study highlights the significant improvements in conversions and clicks that were realised, leading to a successful increase in quality leads.

The primary objective of Wired Media was to modernise Circana’s outdated Google Ads campaigns increasing conversions and drive a higher number of clicks through to their website. To achieve these goals, Wired Media devised a strategic plan that involved the introduction of both Responsive ads and Performance Max campaigns as well as continuous optimisation efforts.



Increase in clicks


Increase in Leads


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in CTR
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We have been working with Wired on SEO, PPC and also web development and have been very impressed in all areas. We have seen great results in our presence on Google and a big increase in overall sales. The team are also a pleasure to work with.
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Chloe Sapsford, Yves Delorme
Our Approach 

Wired Media initiated the project with an extensive exploration of high-value keywords through meticulous research and analysis. This process ensured optimal targeting for attracting potential leads. The team executed ad copy updates, refined audience targeting, and optimised bidding strategies, enhancing the overall effectiveness of Circana’s Google Ads campaigns. Regular monitoring and performance analysis enabled timely adjustments, ensuring the campaigns consistently delivered optimal results for lead generation.


The Results 

Wired Media achieved an impressive 14% increase in lead generation for Circana. The restructuring of the account, coupled with the implementation of Performance Max campaigns and continuous optimisation efforts, attracted more qualified traffic and significantly improved the lead conversion rate.

This success underscores the importance of staying abreast of the dynamic changes and evolution within the realm of Google Ads. Wired Media’s commitment to adopting new and improved features proved vital in outperforming competitors in the market. Regular research practices ensured that Wired Media stayed updated on current strategies, trends, and the testing of innovative theories, contributing to the success of the lead generation campaign.


Wired Media’s strategic approach also resulted in a 70% increase in total clicks compared to the previous 6 months period. This increase was achieved by optimising ad placements and leveraging improved ad copy, expanding Circana’s reach to a larger audience and fostering increased engagement. The significant surge in clicks demonstrates the effectiveness of Wired Media’s strategy in attracting and engaging potential leads.