Digital Marketing Executives x2

Wired Media are looking for an all round digital marketing executive who is highly organised, results driven and a great communicator. We are looking for someone to join the team in an extremely varied role, getting involved in a variety of digital marketing disciplines from PPC to Social Media, from …

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The Bristol 10k

I entered the Bristol 10k back in February, in a slightly hungover, tired and delirious state with my friend Alice. We thought it would be easy, 6 miles isn’t that far… right? However, reality set in a few weeks later when I was huffing and puffing up hills in Clifton …

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7 simple steps to sending kick-ass emails

Keep it snappy 79% of people skim read when reading emails, so keep it short, simple and easy to follow. Few people sit down to study their emails these days, especially now they’re so readily available on smartphones. If you don’t tell people why you’re emailing and how you can …

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The Wired Media 2013 overview

So, where do we start? 2013 has been an amazing year for Wired Media. We have started working with some wonderful clients, attended some fantastic events, learnt new and exciting things, and most importantly, have learnt the rules and regulations for a competitive table tennis league (further explanation to come).

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Facebook: Too much sympathy?

Checking your Facebook newsfeed generally brings up a mismatch of different stories – that guy you were dating has been promoted, that person you went to school with has gotten engaged, someone else has found a new band that you simply must listen to, and then there’s the bad …

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The Independent Hotel Show 2013

With great anticipation, a suitcase or two and several packets of lime green jellybeans, Natalie, Tom and I set off to London to the Independent Hotel Show at Kensington Olympia to showcase everything Wired Media can provide to the hotel and leisure industries. The event was held over …

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Build up to the Independent Hotel Show 2013

Last year Wired Media attended the first Independent Hotel Show at the Olympia Exhibition centre in London. This was a fantastic opportunity for us, as it was solely dedicated to luxury hotels, to share our expertise in all things digital. Having gained vast knowledge in working with hotels over …

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Gromit Unleashed…

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but Bristol has recently been overtaken by our nation’s favourite plasticine modelled pet, Gromit. There are currently 80 wonderfully decorated statues dotted around our city which seem to be quite a big hit with children and many adults who secretly don’t want to …

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Wimbledon 2013 Social Media Stats

Wimbledon 2013, what an amazing 3 weeks it was!  A mixture of highs and lows which concluded with Andy Murray winning the title after a long awaited 77 years! Although the excitement of Wimbledon may be over until next year, to celebrate the end of this …

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Wired Bear’s tales from Glastonbury Festival 2013

It’s taken me this long to recover from Glastonbury Festival, can you believe it? What a weekend! I am a broken little Wired bear, but oh my gosh, was it worth it… We arrived on Thursday after a long wash and brush up, ensuring that I was as clean …

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Wired Bear counts down to Glastonbury Festival 2013…

I have been waiting for this week for a very long time; it’s the countdown to Glastonbury Festival 2013! Somehow I managed to get my little paws on a golden ticket to the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts and so, on Thursday, shall be off to …

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Longleat Country and Fishing Show 2013

My daughter Helen, Digital Marketing Executive for Wired Media said “Come to the Longleat Fishing and Country Show on Friday, I am working there and you can come too and you love fly fishing and we will have a great …

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Successful Day Out at the Hotel Summit 2013!

Wine Tower at the Radisson Blu Stansted. On Monday 13th May, Tom and I attended the Hotel Summit run by Forum Events at the Radisson Blu in Stansted. Having attended and extremely enjoyed Independent Hotel 12, we were keen to try out another event. The summit …

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Wired Bear Works Badminton Horse Trials

I’m not the biggest fan of horses, they’re tall and have very long legs and being a small Wired Bear, I tend to get trodden on. So when I was taken to Badminton Horse Trials last May bank holiday I was a little nervous. I’ve never been to a Horse …

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‘Top 10 Tips’ – Managing Business Pinterest Accounts

“A picture is worth a 1000 words” – Utilise Pinterest as a powerful tool, to promote brands, products or services Make sure all platforms are integrated– Verify your website, link up with Facebook and Twitter accounts, add the ‘Pin It’ button to your website. Upload a clear brand logo. Pinterest …

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TripAdvisor Tips from the ‘Independent Hotel Show’

Attending the Independent Hotel Show in Olympia brought about the chance to meet the crème de la crop in the world of UK hospitality, both hotel owners from across the country as well as some of the most luxurious suppliers to the industry. Throughout the two-day show hospitality experts gave …

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Wired Media Meeting gets Zombified!

Meeting Minutes

Attending 2.8 Hours Later: a zombie-themed, city-wide game as part of an Interesting Games weekend in Bristol hosted by Igfest.


[caption id="attachment_2029" align="alignleft" width="195"] Nerves start to kick in...[/caption]

Hand in tickets at St. Nic’s Market, panic about lack of preparation for zombie apocalypse (Lack of fitness, no water, no energy bars, just bags of nervous excitement)


Seriously start to panic about the reality of surviving a zombie-infested city-wide run.


Team up with a group of 4 survivors, originally from Hereford but on the run from danger.

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