Digital Marketing

Why Marketing Gimmicks Don’t Work

14th November 2016

Stay away from fads and parlour tricks, you’ll thank us later…

2016 has been full of new marketing tricks and hacks, including some interesting but questionable gimmicks. Whilst many brands are still struggling to come into the digital age, some are rushing into it without giving it much thought. Resulting in cringe worthy marketing campaigns that leave their target audience rather confused.

While 99% of gimmicks certainly get us talking, the real question still lies – did they help increase revenue? Well, here at Wired we think it’s best to keep things simple. For a well-established brand, even if the gimmick is a flop; people will still continue to come in their steady streams. However, this may not be the case for small chains and independents. Putting out a gimmicky publicity stunt like this can go really wrong, and without a huge amount of money to put behind it, it’s not really worth it. Especially if it’s not on brand.

We like to advise our clients to keep everything as simple as possible, whilst still being effective and relevant. This includes everything from web design to PR. Lots of businesses want new modern websites completely image based, however if you’re wanting to appear on search engines for chosen keywords, you have to have over 250 words on each page in order to rank. This means, your fancy landing page with limited text, won’t appear highly on Google for vital location keywords such as ‘hotel in Iceland’. There’s a reason we advise our clients to always include text, and it’s definitely not because we are outdated.

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