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What Makes a Blog Stand Out From the Rest?

20th December 2016

Doing PR isn’t easy. Trust us, we do it every day.

As PR experts, we’re picky about which influencers, bloggers, bloggers, and social media personalities we work with.

So we’ve put together a list of requirements we look out for when reaching out to influencers for reviews.

Ever wondered why PR professionals choose to work with particular bloggers or vloggers over others?

Aside from the obvious, here’s what we, at Wired Media, look out for ahead of sending out PR requests.

You might wonder why PR requests are so few and far between.

Well, there could be a very good reason for that, and we’re here to tell you what some of those might be.

Here’s our checklist for when reaching out to bloggers for reviews:

1. Good domain authority

As one of the first things that good PR professionals check, you’ll want to make sure that your blog has a good DA (domain authority).

Your DA score is based on your site’s age, popularity, and size, you can use online tools, such as Moz, to check how yours is doing.

2. Strong social media following

It’s important to us that our clients get the best coverage possible from their reviews, so we tend to approach bloggers with a minimum of 10,000 followers on at least one social channel to maximise the PR potential.

3. Good reputation

There’s nothing worse than a blogger not turning up to a review, cancelling at the last minute, or not sticking to their end of the deal.

As all of our clients provide high-end, high-quality products and services, we need to know when we book bloggers that you will deliver.

Chances are, if we see a good quality review already on your site, with backlinks, strong images, and good copy, we’re more likely to approach you.

4. Powerful imagery

We live in a visual age, so kind words (although lovely and just what we’re after) alone simply won’t cut the mustard.

We want good quality photos and compliments, so if you’re willing to offer both, you’ll definitely be on our list to contact.

5. Engaging copy

We hate misplaced apostrophes and poor grammar, so if your site is littered with mistakes, we’ll click away.

Ensure that your site is looking and sounding slick to make it more attractive to PR professionals on a mission.

6. More than one platform

Blogger? Great. Vlogger, too? Even better.

If you’ve got your fingers in more than one platform pie, we’ll be very interested in working with you.

Make it clear on your website if you are able to offer us more than words.

7. Flexible and keen

Last but certainly not least, we like people who know the score.

Our reviews are always unpaid (although an overnight stay in a luxury hotel is payment in our eyes), so it’s nice to work with people who understand what we need from them.

So there we have it. Our checklist for when reaching out to bloggers.

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