Tom’s Miami Memoirs

17th December 2015

Afternoon, Tom here. I hope everyone is holding out for a well-deserved Christmas break to begin!

To wrap up the end of a successful year at our hotel digital marketing agency Wired Media, I was fortunate enough to take a couple of weeks out to embark on a mini-adventure across North America.

On my travels, I stopped off at the incredible city of Miami. Upon my arrival, I checked into the infamous National Hotel, a stone’s throw from the buzz of South Beach. Seconds after entering the ‘lobby’ I noticed a piece of life-sized art from the world-renowned Art Basel Gallery and as I gradually settled into my surroundings I began to notice more and more.

Not long after my arrival at the hotel, I was eager to explore, so in the true British style, my companions and I headed straight to the bar! It wasn’t long before I noticed all the top bars were based in hotels. This was an instant juxtaposition to the UK, where hotel bars are normally occupied by those staying over or post-meal restaurant guests. I also noticed that in each hotel there were art installations, such as the Art Basel exhibition back at The National. Then the penny dropped. Here I was wondering why all the nightlife was in hotels, and it was because every place had an original feature which was worth hopping in to take a look at. And once you’re in who can resist a nice cold drink on a hot day?!

Upon arriving back in the UK, I began to reflect on my trip and if there is one thing that stands out above all else, it is the impact these simple yet creative art installations have had on my memories from the trip. If I have learnt anything, it is to never underestimate the power of art and creativity within the hospitality sector. What’s more, this creativity should not only be reflected through hotels’ services but also communicated to your potential guests. For me and the team at Wired Media, we like to do this through our hotel clients’ websites and marketing campaigns, but it needn’t be limited to this.

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