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PPC for Financial Services

Discover the power of PPC advertising tailored to your industry. Drive growth, maximise ROI, and dominate the digital landscape with our expert team. PPC (pay per click) is a cost-effective method of generating highly engaged traffic to your financial services website to help drive more leads and increase conversions.

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PPC agency for financial services and investment bankers

PPC (pay per click) campaigns offer an effective means to drive targeted traffic to your financial services website on a daily basis.

PPC operates through the process of bidding on specific search terms (keywords) across major search engines such as Google and Bing.

When someone conducts a search using the keyword you’re bidding on, your financial services PPC ads will appear, and you’ll only incur costs when a potential customer actually clicks on your advertisement, not merely when it’s displayed to them.

We can expertly set up and manage your financial services PPC campaigns, establishing daily budgets to ensure full control over your spending.

For optimal results, align your financial services PPC efforts with your SEO strategy to maximise your outreach to potential customers.

Leveraging insights from your financial firm’s SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and social media campaigns, we can proactively plan and execute PPC campaigns ahead of new projects.

Your financial firm can employ PPC to engage both new and existing customers, highlighting your business and showcasing promotional offers and rates.

Recognizing that website visitors may not convert on their initial visit, we employ remarketing, custom-designed ads, and data segmentation techniques to bring these visitors back to your site, transforming a previously “wasted” click into a direct purchase.

Our approach combines data-driven financial services PPC campaigns with tailored landing pages featuring relevant, well-crafted content and a clear call to action, all designed to convert your website visitors into loyal customers.

Our team of digital marketing experts crafts meticulously managed PPC campaigns that are both traceable and measurable, allowing you to demonstrate a significant increase in ROI for your financial firm and surpass your business objectives.

Google Ads

Financial firms cannot afford to overlook Google advertising. With over 3 billion internet searches conducted daily, delivering ads to users actively searching for pertinent keywords is a guaranteed strategy for positioning your services in front of potential customers.

Optimised landing pages

Utilising our internal team of web designers and developers, we have the capacity to create landing pages tailored for optimising conversion rates in your financial services PPC campaigns. PPC visitors exhibit distinct behaviours compared to organic website visitors, underscoring the significance of a thoughtfully designed landing page, which can be the pivotal factor distinguishing a mere clicker from a valued customer.


If you’re dedicating resources to paid search for acquiring new customers, it’s essential to ensure the implementation of remarketing campaigns. Through the utilisation of customised audience lists, these campaigns exclusively present ads to individuals who have previously explored your financial firm’s website, proving to be a potent method for re-engaging users who may have abandoned their quote requests or policy purchases.

Microsoft Ads

We love Microsoft Ads, primarily due to the consistently impressive outcomes it delivers – including reduced cost-per-click, enhanced traffic quality, and increased revenue value. When contemplating an investment in search advertising for your financial services website, expanding your ad reach to encompass Yahoo and Bing is unquestionably a strategic move worth exploring.


If your goal is to reach users throughout every stage of their online experience, incorporating display ads into your marketing strategy is essential. These visually appealing image-based ads are displayed on prominent websites like The Guardian and serve as an effective means of encouraging visitors back to your financial firm’s website.

YouTube Advertising

Have compelling video content? Running ads on YouTube is a straightforward decision. With ad costs as low as £0.01 per view, YouTube campaigns offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your products to large, attentive, and ready-to-engage audiences.

Benefits of working with Wired Media

Exceptional quality without the hefty price tag

We are deeply passionate about our work and dedicated to offering our clients a top-tier service that remains cost-effective.

Experienced UK-based team

With a track record dating back to 2001, we bring extensive expertise to the table, specialising in crafting websites that propel your financial business towards its objectives.

Premier project management

Our dedicated project management team boasts extensive experience in consistently delivering stunning, functional websites to our clients, always within the designated timeframe and budget.

Comprehensive digital agency services

Our philosophy revolves around constructing websites with a marketing-centric approach, supported by our seasoned digital marketing experts who are readily available to assist with your SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, and social media campaigns.

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Get in touch and let us know about your financial services PPC requirements or take a look at some of the other services we offer below:

Web design and development

With a proficient team of web developers and designers, Wired Media has designed and developed numerous websites tailored for the financial sector. Whether your goal is to enhance your website traffic, attract high-quality leads, or fortify your brand presence, we can construct a website precisely customised to fulfil the specific business objectives of your financial firm.

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Digital marketing

Leveraging our robust proficiency in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, our data-driven and innovative digital marketing agency boasts a proven history of generating leads and driving sales for clients within the financial sector. This ensures your ability to distinguish your brand amidst the competition.

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From conducting technical analysis and seamless migrations to comprehensive keyword research, adept copywriting, and strategic link-building initiatives, our seasoned in-house SEO team possesses the capabilities to craft a successful strategy that will elevate your financial business’s visibility in search engines and capture valuable leads.

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Paid social media

Our team of social media experts has collaborated with financial firms of various sizes to create and execute highly effective social media campaigns that successfully attain the clients’ intended goals.

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