Dental Data Analysis, Attribution & Tracking

Our team of data analysts and channel experts will help you grow your dental practice or dentistry brand, whether it’s understanding your Google Analytics data, putting together growth strategies, or auditing your current performance.

Data analysis, attribution and tracking services for dentists, dental clinics and dentistry businesses

You need to know where your sales are coming from in order for your dental brand to continue to grow.

Our data analysts and strategists can set up your data sources and tracking, examine and review the data across your website and from your online presence, to determine what’s working for your dentistry business.

We can set up tracking through Google Analytics, AdWords, your CMS, and even call tracking, for over-the-phone purchases.

That way, you can be sure that you have an accurate overview of where your enquiries and revenue is coming from, and what works for you, your dental business, and your customers.

Google Analytics audit

Did you know 95% of Google Analytics accounts we audit are providing inaccurate data? Having accurate data is one of the most important aspects of marketing and yet is so often overlooked. Our team can help ensure your data is accurate and ready for you to make profitable decisions.

Google Analytics training

Do you want to understand the performance of your business? Or maybe refresh your Google Analytics knowledge? Our team can help you master the platform to ensure you understand how your website and marketing campaigns are performing.

Google Analytics custom reports

Do you understand the conversion rate of your website on all devices and browsers? How about the speed of your website on every browser version? Our custom Google Analytics reports allow you to understand the performance of your website and marketing campaigns at the touch of a button. We’ll be there to help you interpret and make data-backed decisions.

Attribution modelling

Do you fully understand which marketing channels are driving conversions on your website using first, middle, and last-click attribution models? Are you considering conversions coming in from phone calls? Are all your marketing campaigns tagged correctly to ensure data is accurate in Google Analytics? Understanding which campaigns are driving the best ROI is critical when determining the profitability of your website and marketing campaigns.

Call tracking

Is over 20% of your revenue coming over the phone? Do you have trouble understanding which marketing campaigns are driving calls? Our phone call tracking solution will provide you with the answers, ensuring you know which keywords, ad groups and marketing campaigns are driving sales, in turn allowing you to better understand the profitability of your marketing spend.

Conversion rate optimisation

It is a well-known fact that most businesses spend less than 5% of their marketing budget on conversion rate optimisation (CRO) for their website. Using Google Analytics, heat maps, visitor recordings, and A/B testing we can help ensure your website is functioning properly further improving the ROI for all your marketing campaigns.

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Other services for dental brands

Web design and development

Our skilled team of web developers and designers have crafted and created hundreds of websites for the dentistry industry. Whether you want to boost your traffic, get higher quality leads, or strengthen your brand, we can build you a website fully tailored to achieve your dental brand’s business aims.

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Providing everything from technical audits and migrations to keyword research, copywriting and link building campaigns, our in-house SEO team push your dental clinic’s website and content to the top of search engine results pages and increase awareness amongst, and enquiries from new patients.

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Our team of PPC experts are skilled at building and optimising paid search campaigns across both Google and Bing that improve brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate enquiries from new patients for dental brands.

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Email marketing

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools for our dentistry clients and is fantastic for achieving a range of business objectives, from distributing your content to a wide audience, to developing loyalty and trust amongst existing patients.

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Content marketing

Our talented team of copywriters and content marketers can craft engaging, data-driven content tailored to your target audience, to help advertise your dentistry business and generate leads and new patient sign-ups.

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Paid social media

Our social media specialists have worked with dentistry brands big and small to devise and implement effective social media campaigns that achieve clients’ objectives.

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I've worked with Wired Media for nearly two years. They built a bespoke eCommerce site for us, and have provided continuous support and development since. The site has performed exceptionally well, with very low bounce rates and conversion rates which regularly beat our industry's best performers. Our site has been complimented; the accuracy and competence of Wired Media have been scrutinised and found to be of a very high standard. Wired Media offers a high level of quality and flexibility, while also being affordable.

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