Our Top 6 Pancake Toppings

28th February 2017

Here at Wired Media we don’t believe Pancake Day is the only day of the year it’s acceptable to have breakfast at any meal throughout the day, I mean who doesn’t love brinner (breakfast for dinner)? We do, however, believe in the importance of a good pancake topping so we asked the team at our digital marketing  how they like to top their pancakes. Here are 6 of our favourites…

The Breakfast Beast
Bacon and Egg

Thin and sweet not your thing? Throw potato in for chunky, filling pancakes. Top with bacon and eggs for a breakfast feast.

The Classic
Lemon and Sugar

For many, a simple zesty classic is the only way. Layer your pancakes with lemon and caster sugar for a lighter treat.

The Veggie Fridge Raider
Any Vegetables You Can Find In The Fridge

Set out bowls of your favourite veggies, cheese and herbs and get everyone to help themselves. Think fajitas with pancakes. It’s a great way to use up what’s leftover in the fridge.

The American Diner
Blueberry and Maple Syrup

For an American twist thicken them up with baking powder and self-raising flour and get liberal with the maple syrup. Although blueberries are the classic choice, throw any berries from the fridge on top to suit your taste.

The Stylish & Savoury
Squash, Goat’s Cheese & Rosemary

Proving your pancake accomplishments don’t have to be sickly sweet, this sophisticated topping makes for a great brunch or even a starter if you’re celebrating in the evening.

The Knickerbocker Glory
Multiple Ice Cream flavours, Sweets, Chocolate Sauce

As the day before Lent, Shrove Tuesday is the perfect time to get rid of any last minute indulgences, so use up any naughty foods you can find around the house (in our opinion the unhealthier the better). Go crazy, why not?

Okay, so we know we aren’t quite Michelin star level just yet…

You know what we are good at, though? Content Marketing.

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