Digital Marketing

How Getting Reviews Will Get You More Bookings

6th September 2016

Inviting a blogger to review your hotel can do wonders for your bookings, but why? Read on to find out how you could be boosting your hotel PR and even your hotel SEO by inviting the internet’s coolest and most fashionable residents to your hotel…

  1. PR. Sweet and simple; forging connections with bloggers is a great source of influence on likeminded people.
  2. Bloggers are really creative and more often than not, they will take beautiful pictures that you can reuse on your social media channels and website (ensure to ask permission first).
  3. Having a review from an established lifestyle or travel blogger will add a touch of lifestyle to the intangible elements of your service. They will help you to sell a lifestyle, rather than a product.
  4. A link from a blogger’s review to the relevant pages of your website helps to give your domain authority, which Google loves.
  5. A good review will really aid in generating positive word of mouth/mouse (online) for your hotel, which helps to get your name out there.
  6. Keywords. There’s a large chance that the way a blogger will describe their experience at the hotel, is similar to how you describe it on your website, this is really good for SEO.
  7. Even better, the blogger may be willing to include specific keywords for you if you ask nicely.
  8. A review on a popular blog is a fantastic source of high quality referral traffic.
  9. If the blogger genuinely has a nice time, they will recommend to their friends (and we all know this is the best way to sell something).
  10. You can share the review across your social media channels, on your blog and through your email marketing to influence people who already know of you, thus increasing repeat custom.

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