Four Tips for Hotel Social Media Etiquette

There’s nothing worse than scrolling down your various social feeds and being witness to bad social media practice. It’s even worse when it’s a luxury four or five hotel’s social media channels as they are targeting affluent audiences and appealing to wide audiences.

Social media marketing can be tricky but theres many ways that you can make it much more simple and easy to follow. Here are our four top tips for addressing your social media etiquette:

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Check it once, then check it again and then check it once more. When one sees a spelling, grammar or punctuation mistake, it instantly fills the audience with doubt that the hosting source may not be professional or trustworthy. This has an obvious effect on your fans purchase intentions and has a negative impact on you influence.

High quality photography/videography

Everyone has a smartphone these days. This means that there is no excuse for poor quality images as you can snap in high resolution whenever, wherever. While videos can often be a little rougher around the edges, taking into consideration your surroundings whilst filming such as sound, brightness and contrast can significantly improve the quality of you videography.


Once you’ve perfected the tweet, post, picture or pin, getting it out there at the right time will have a big impact on the level of engagement you receive. For example, last week we saw a hotel which was promoting a Champagne event at 8.30am on a Sunday morning… If you ask us, Sunday mornings are not times when you want to be promoting alcohol. The people you will want to be appealing to will more than likely be suffering at this time following last night (Saturday nights) previous Champagne event! So timing is everything.


Keep it real. The great thing about your hotels social media is that at the other side of the screen are real people, real customers with a desire to be infatuated, drawn in and entertained – and that’s why humour is important. Just remember try and ensure the humour is on brand with your hotel and that it will understood by those you wish to engage with. Light humour is often the most successful for upmarket and more premium properties.

If you fancy a few more juicy social etiquette tips, or need some help with your social media marketing, feel free to give us a call on 0117 930 4365 or drop us an email.