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Our SEO team Works with the WordPress CMS to create data driven SEO strategies that help businesses like yours grow, contact us for a free SEO strategy.

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Our team are ready to help take your WordPress SEO to the next level and grow your business online. Contact us today for a free discovery session and we will show you our approach and how we can help you hit your growth targets this year!

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Free website audit

Our WordPress SEO team will audit your current website and provide you with a detailed proposal covering, technical website improvements, your competitors, on-page SEO and SEO opportunities.

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SEO account manager

We will provide you with an SEO specialist account manager who will run the day by day activity, work with you on your SEO strategy and communicate with our internal teams

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Fixed Pricing

Keeping things simple is important, we will provide an upfront cost, based on the hours we recommend you need with no hidden costs or surprises. If at any time you want to do more, we can up the amount of time we provide and get better results quicker!

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Regular Calls

Communication is an important part of any SEO strategy and our team will insist we communicate and have regular calls. Ideally we have two video calls a month and a face to face quarterly.

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WordPress development

Our SEO team is backed up with a specialist WordPress development team that can fix anything required as part of the SEO strategy. Everything in one place to reduce your time and increase productivity.

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Monthly reports

All of our clients get a monthly report telling them what we have done, what we are doing next month inline with the strategy and data to show the impact we are having and the improvement of keywords.

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SEO Case Study:

Yves Delorme

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SEO Management for WordPress Websites

Our SEO team have been working in Exeter for over 20 years, creating growth strategies for business big and small. As a full service Agency we have the ability to complete all aspects or your strategy, we don’t just identify errors for you to fix, our WordPress developers work closely with our SEO team to ensure a seamless process.

Contact us today and we will provide a free growth strategy proposal, we will show you what we would do, how we do it, and provide a 6 month road map to ensure you stick out from the crowd and leave your competitors behind you!

Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs

Get in touch today and one of our experienced team will arrange a call to discuss your requirements. Take advantage of our free strategy consultation to help you understand our services and how we can help you grow.

What's good about WordPress For SEO?

Built for SEO – WordPress has been around for many years and its build specifically for content distribution. Because of this it has constantly been improved and is widely know as one of the best platforms if SEO is an important part of your marketing strategy

Minimal Limitations – Some CMS have limitations as to what you can and cant do, Shopify for example has a rigid URL structure which cant be change. WordPress on the other hand is flexible, we are in control and we can edit what ever we need to ensure you have the best SEO visibility possible.

Ease of use – WordPress is really easy to use and our team will be able to access your website, make positive changes without it costing you an arm and a leg in development charges. If development is required our development team will be on standby to help

Content creation – a lot of our SEO strategies includes the creation of a lot of content, WordPress is the perfect CMS for this as its very easy to create new content and structure it how you would like. If you want to make changes to a template that’s also straightforward so we can spend more time on growth than setting up pages.



The Three Pillars Of SEO

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We start by identifying all technical issues with your WordPress website to ensure we have a clean slate to work with when we start optimising content. We will look at everything from page speed, to broken links, pagination and canonicals to ensure your website is fit for purpose and ready to grow.

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Once we have fixed everything we will move onto the optimisation part of the strategy. Detailed keyword research will be produced and we will optimise all areas of the site that we want to rank in the search results. We will look at page titles, headings and on page copy and ensure everything has the best chance possible of outranking your competitors.

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Here’s where the fun biggins! we look look for growth opportunities across the website, create detailed content plans before starting to build out your website with new content. This could be in the form of filter category pages, industry pages, case studies or blog content, depending on the strategy we will find the opportunities and capitalise on them.

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