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Google Ads Campaign Management Services for WordPress Websites

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Free Account Audit

All of our potential clients receive a free PPC Audit, If you are not happy with your current performance or want a second opinion then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free PPC audit

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PPC account manager

We believe its important that our customers have direct access to our PPC strategy team and your account manager will be a fully trained PPC professional as well as an organised account manager who can manage the day to day of your account and communicate with the rest of our team.

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WordPress Development

Your websites performance is paramount to WordPress PPC success and making changes to landing pages to improve conversions is a big part of PPC growth. Our team is supported by specialist inhouse WordPress experts who can make changes and test landing page performance.

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Conversion tracking

Often overlooked when looking to grow your PPC account is the data you are feeding the algorithms. Our WordPress data engineers will be on hand to ensure your data is accurate, we are tracking the correct conversions (not always just a purchase) and feeding this information to your PPC accounts.

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Real-time reporting

We provide all of our clients a live feed data report which will track our PPC performance. We use the same report when optimising your campaigns and data such as your cost per click, ad rank, impression share and more will be there at the click of a button.

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Weekly calls

As part of onboarding any new client we will want to keep communication high and ensure we get off on the right foot. We suggest initially we have weekly calls to get everything going and then switch to fortnightly contact once the ROI is where we want it and we are ready to scale!

WordPress PPC Case Study: Coveya

254% increase in conversions for conveyor belt manufacturer

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Strategy & Results

Coveya Came to us loo0king to revamp their website and improve their Digital marketing strategy. We quickly identified a massive opportunity to run Google Ads campaigns and that there were big holes in their channel attribution, as 50% of leads came via the phone. After setting up call tracking, restructuring the Google Ads account and A/B testing ad copy we were able to to increase conversions by over 250% while reducing their cost per conversion!


Increase in conversions


reduction in cost per conversion


Increase in impression share


Client satisfaction

PPC Case Study: Coveya


PPC Case Study: Yves Delorme


PPC Case Study: Dynamik


Paid Social Case Study: Martha Jackson

Working with a Dedicated Pay Per Click WordPress Agency

Consistency  – Everyone at Wired Media is trained to use the WordPress Platform, we have a dedicated WordPress PPC, SEO, Paid Social and Development team, they all know there way around the CMS and its pro’s and cons when it comes to running campaigns and making changes to the website

Account Health – Businesses are often mistaken that once your PPC account is up and running you don’t need to monitor it and it will do its thing. Google isn’t that smart, in fact its a business too and will happily spend more of your money if given the opportunity. Our team will constantly monitor your account, ensure it is healthy and Google isn’t wasting your budget.

Website Performance – Our PPC team are the advertiser when it comes to running campaigns and they heavily rely on a high converting salesperson (your website). It is highly likely that we will want to make changes to landing pages or create dedicated PPC landing pages which will require development work. Our WordPress developers and design team will be on hand to improve your conversions and supercharge your PPC ROI.

ROI – Ensuring your PPC campaigns are providing a high ROI is our number one goal when working with our clients. we will work with you to determine what a profitable ROI looks like, ensuring it is both realistic and profitable and aim to hit that in the first instance before we start talking about scaling your account.



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