Google Analytics Audit

Free GA4 audit

Data accuracy is the key!

At Wired Media we have a data first approach to everything we do, having accurate data to make decisions is paramount to online growth! We are currently providing a free Google Analytic audit to any business, looking to get ahead online and better understand their data.


See below some of the areas we will cover!




Our Audit will include

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Conversion tracking

Are you tracking the right conversions in GA4 to properly understand the ROI of your customers and complete  accurate analysis of your marketing campaigns and website performance?

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Browser analysis

How is your website performing on the most popular browser’s such as Chrome, fire fox and Microsoft edge. Could improvements be made to give a smoother customer journey

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Device analysis

Most businesses analysis website performance on mobile and desktop, but how is your website performing on different brands and sizes of mobile and is that effecting your website performance?

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PPC performance

How are your current PPC campaigns performing and are there areas of improvement? Are you also feeding accurate data to your Google Ads account to give the algorithms accurate direction.

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Attribution errors

Are your Social media and email campaigns being tracked properly in Google Analytics? is any traffic being misunderstood and attributed to the wrong channel, making analysis difficult.

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Google Tag Manager

Are your tags set up correctly and feeding accurate data to Google analytics? could the structure and way your tags fire be improved or made more efficient, we are happy to take a look!

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