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Data analysis is at the heart of everything we do at Wired Media! We work with businesses to ensure thier data is accurate, easy to analyse and ready to make decisions!

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Our data analysis services

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Google Analytics audit

We provide a free audit for any business who is looking to make the most of there Google Analytics report, we can help with anything from initial set up to complete data tracking and integrations

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Cross domain tracking

For those websites that have external booking software in place, we can help you feed this information into Google Analytics to ensure you understand which channel’s are driving conversions and the associated ROI

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Google Tag Manager

setting up conversions can be a nightmare at the best of times! our data team can help you set up Google tag manager, complete any complex conversions and manage your tag management solution.

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Call tracking

For those businesses that take a percentage of their conversions over the phone, our call tracking solution will allow you to understand where those calls originated from and the ROI of any marketing campaigns

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Data analysis

We provide data insights for our clients to ensure they understand how their marketing campaigns and website are performing. We work with a number of reporting softwares to ensure everything is simple to interpret.

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Browser & device analysis

Understanding which devices and browsers your customers use and ensure you are tracking, analysing and improving your website on multiple devices is a crucial. Especially with the number of browser updates and new devices being introduced to the market.

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Red Paddle


Multi-Channel Online & Website Growth Consultancy Services

Data Lead decisions: Data is the most important part of any marketing campaign, having accurate data and being able to interpret that data helps ensure you are investing in the right areas.


Reporting: We can provide you with detailed reports to allow you easier access to the data or board reports to show top line data and ROI


Fixing data errors: from time to time your Google analytics data will break, this could be due to changes in the website, code, changes to conversion paths or double counting sessions and conversions. We will also be monitoring and on hand to fix any issues.

Website performance analysis: We have many different types of software at our disposal to analyse your websites performance. We use heat maps, customer questionaires, scroll depth tracking, sessions recording (yes, you can watch people scrolling around your website) A/B testing platforms and browser/devise testing. All of these help us understand your websites performance and improve your customer journey.


Decades of experience: We have been providing data analysis services for our clients for over 20 years and there are not many situations or data problems we haven’t come across before. Contact us today for a free data audit and we will show you how we can help.




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Free Data consultancy session


Data accuracy and tracking – We will check your Google Analytics account, ensure it is set up accurately and provide recommendations.


Conversion tracking analysis: Ensure you are tracking the correct conversions on your website and advise on any new conversions we might suggest to better understand performance


Website and Campaign performance – Once your data is accurate we will provide a detailed report on your current performance.

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