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Gliffaes Country House Hotel

A luxury hotel in South Wales looking for a new website and digital marketing strategy.


Increase in PPC revenue


Increase in web sessions


Increase in email revenue


Reduction in OTA costs

The challenge

The Gliffaes Country House Hotel is a beautiful building nestled in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales.

As an independent business, the main challenge was to increase the capacity rate and reduce the reliance on OTAs, such as Booking.com.

The main challenge was to improve the initial data, understanding where revenue was coming from to ensure we were making informed decisions on the marketing strategy.

Gliffaes Country House Hotel also required a new website, which allowed further improvements to the customer journey.

With the addition of spectacular imagery and video content, produced by the client themselves, the look and feel of the website has been greatly improved.

What we did

We concentrated on three areas to improve brand awareness, increase capacity rates, and reduce OTA costs.

Understanding the data

The first port of call was to understand where revenue was coming from. We set up cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics to track booking revenue and installed call tracking software to track phone call revenue. After ensuring emails were also being tracked in Google Analytics, we could now get a clear picture of what was going on.

PPC and email performance

From the data collected, we were able to invest more into PPC campaigns that we knew were converting well, lowering OTA costs, and increasing capacity rates. After analysing phone call tracking, tracked 50% more revenue in the email campaigns that were running, and made sure they became a regular addition to the overall digital marketing strategy.

New website design

We designed and developed a new modernised website for the brand, incorporating the beautiful imagery and videos of Giffaes Country House Hotel. The new branding was incorporated and a section on the website created to showcase the hotel’s spectacular arboretum.

Really GREAT, thank you to you and Amy!

James Suter
Gliffaes Hotel

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