Glastonbury Docks

A luxury festival camping provider, looking for a system that allowed them to manage user bookings and more.

The challenge

Glastonbury Docks had an existing website, but people had to make enquiries or call to book, meaning that when tickets for festivals went on sale, the process became very busy and difficult to handle.

The company wanted a system that would allow guests to pre-register and be approved, before being invited to book accommodation using an airline-style system where they could choose their desired accommodation type and plot.

The build was complex, since the system needed to allow the client to design different layouts depending on camp location and accommodation types available to them, whilst also getting data from various legacy systems onto the new website, and from third party systems too. At the start we were not sure this was even possible.

The client also wanted to use the system to manage bookings, meet and greet guests upon arrival and allow guests to run an account whilst on site, so the system needed to have a fail over offline facility in the end that data connection was lost on site.

The solution

After undertaking a huge technical discovery to understand what data was held and where, and to understand existing processes to best design a system to accommodate this, our developers delivered a proof of concept solution for Glastonbury Docks which incorporated each of the client’s needs.

We’re currently still in proof-of-concept stage and are eagerly awaiting the first post-COVID live event such as Glastonbury 2022 to live test.

We started working with Wired Media in 2019, and they’ve been a great partner for us. They’ve helped us launch two new websites that have not only improved the customer journey but also helped drive a significant increase in organic website traffic. Additionally, they've been a lead in increasing our eCommerce sales by tenfold. In a partner, we always look for someone with a similar outlook and way of working, and Wired Media hasn't let us down. They've always been responsive and proactive. They're a great bunch who we've genuinely enjoyed working with. We're very excited about the future and see Wired Media as a key partner in increasing our revenues from online sales and bookings.

Bruce Rowland
Butcombe Brewing Co.

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