Digital Marketing

7 Reasons Why Websites Fail

29th August 2016

1. Ignoring mobile compatibility

Mobile and tablet searches now account for over 50% of visits to hotel websites, so it is imperative that people can find you. Ensure that your website functions smoothly on mobile devices so that customers are able book quickly and easily when using these devices.

2. No monitoring

Closely monitoring your website will enable you to flag up a problem immediately. For example, if your website becomes unresponsive, or if there are load speed issues (e.g. due to a large image being uploaded); you will be able to easily locate and fix the problem before you begin to lose bookings.

3. Poorly-hosted website

If your website is poorly hosted it could become slow and the site could be unresponsive at times. Remember that people are searching 24/7 and Google likes fast websites.

4. No call-to-action

If you want people to call or book, make it easy for them to do so. Whether this is call for late availability or pushing your best rates, you want to make it as simple as possible for your customers to make a booking.

5. Not optimised

If your website is not optimised for search it won’t appear for the search terms that people are using. For the best results, you need to optimise copy based on known search volumes and also the tags in your code.

6. No blog for new content

Google likes new content and good content with deep links to the other blog posts and pages within your website. This can help improve your search listings in general and will also help you rank for new search terms. Blog content is also great for sharing on social and as link bait for new inbound links.

7. Poor domain authority

Domain authority acts as a mark of quality for your website and is used by Google to determine your search position. Domain authority is calculated by the domain authority of the websites that are linking to you. For example, a link from the telegraph is much better than a link from a new blog. Domain authority can be increased by placing content on good blogs and websites, and by encouraging reviews on such websites.

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