We work with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors, delivering on time, budget and specification.

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Sectors we work with

Hospitality & Hotels

We can help your hotel or hospitality business by driving more visits to your website and optimising it for increased direct bookings, telephone enquiries, and phone calls, whilst saving on OTA commissions.

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eCommerce & Retail

Whether you’re launching a brand-new eCommerce website, re-inventing your eCommerce brand, refreshing an existing digital retailer site, or you want to increase your ROI with data-driven, creative digital marketing, we can help.

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Construction & Building

We work with national, regional, and local construction firms to design, build and maintain their websites, design and produce brochures, generate more website enquiries, increase brand awareness and control any on-site issues with PR.

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As a start-up, you have a great idea and a long road ahead, so it’s important that you choose a partner who can not only deliver your website or web application but also has the experience and understands the pressures and constraints you’re facing.

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Education & eLearning

Increase the visibility of your education brand, drive more traffic to your eLearning website, and boost your engagement online with your target audience.

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Healthcare & Beauty

From cosmetics companies to laboratories, medical devices manufacturers to haircare and skincare brands, our digital marketing, web development, and design experts can help your healthcare and eauty brand achieve your business goals and reach your target audience.

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Public Sector

We can create inclusive, concise, and accessible websites and digital marketing strategies for your public sector business, from local government projects and national infrastructure schemes to schools, libraries, public transit, social services, law enforcement, and waste management.

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Professional Services

For those with B2B professional services brands, like solicitors, accountants, consultants, lawyers, investment managers, and those in financial services, a functional website, and solid digital marketing strategy can help ensure business growth.

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Whether you’re developing hardware or software solutions for your B2B or B2C clients, we can help you grow your brand, create a dynamic, engaging website, and develop a data-driven, creative digital marketing strategy.

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We started working with Wired Media in 2019, and they’ve been a great partner for us. They’ve helped us launch two new websites that have not only improved the customer journey but also helped drive a significant increase in organic website traffic. Additionally, they've been a lead in increasing our eCommerce sales by tenfold. In a partner, we always look for someone with a similar outlook and way of working, and Wired Media hasn't let us down. They've always been responsive and proactive. They're a great bunch who we've genuinely enjoyed working with. We're very excited about the future and see Wired Media as a key partner in increasing our revenues from online sales and bookings.

Bruce Rowland
Butcombe Brewing Co.

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