The importance of online pre-qual

In this day and age it is easy to build a picture of a main or sub contractor without ever seeing or speaking to them so it is important to understand what they are looking for and ensure you seed and feed this information to them by making it easily accessible and ensuring your overall online presence matches your business and your aspirations.

For example:

  • An initial Google search returning press coverage of your contracts, industry commentary and sponsorships
  • A Google profile with good imagery of your work, offices, plant, vehicles and people
  • A Linked-in profile with up to date information showing key employees
  • An up to date website with current financial position, along with current and completed projects
  • Any accreditation and processes you follow
  • Your experience in certain jobs and sectors with a clear ‘call to action’ ensuring that first call and making that easy

Essentially you need to make sure you are ‘visible’ and make it an obvious choice that your firm gets added to the tender list.