Construction PR

Construction PR can be split into two categories.

Offensive PR

Within the construction industry the health of your business is key to getting new enquiries and winning new business.

Your accountants and finance teams will help with the financials, PR can help with the overall perception of your brand.

So when a potential customer or supplier undertakes a search of your business there should be more than just links to companies house and other credit agencies.

This can be achieved by ensuring that your business is being mentioned on other websites and your own blog by, for example:

  • Press releasing new contracts
  • Press releasing changes to your business
  • Gaining links to your website from your Clients and sub contractors
  • Expert pieces and opinion in trade press
  • Placing online ads in front of key positions and people in target Clients

Defensive PR

You try everything you can to ensure the project runs smoothly however there are times when negative stories emerge and gain traction, this is where PR can help in managing the response and placing positive stories to appear higher in search results than the negative ones.