The Art Of Producing Creative Content

12th November 2015

Why do I need to read this?

According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, seven in ten people in the UK own a smartphone. This is hardly surprising when looking around at the vast majority of people who are forever staring down at their smart devices. But when you question why this is the case, the answer is simple; content.

What is online content and how do I find it?

Online Content can be a story, picture, video, or anything which can be seen and consumed online. Whilst anyone can upload content through a website or a blog, making it engaging, useful and interesting can make producing creative content a challenge. Fortunately for hoteliers, hotels are content gold mines which are full of quirky, professional and unusual activities which happen on a daily basis.

For example, content could be based around…

How do I turn these activities into creative content?

Is there anything I should avoid?

After watching a webinar on content creation, it was suggested businesses like hotels should avoid ‘The Kanye West Effect’. This is when a business tries to sell itself to guests as oppose to letting guests who have already experienced the hotel do the talking. To get your guests to do the selling for you, simply use reviews or guest experiences to underpin your content. Do lots of guests comment on the impeccable lawns in your hotels gardens? If so, I’m sure they’d love to know how your gardener keeps it looking fabulous all year round.

And finally…

You’re not alone. The most engaging creative content is usually produced by more than one person. For example, if you want to produce a step-by-step guide to making a bed in a five star hotel, get the housekeeping department involved, after all they know it best! Guests love being able to put a name to a face, especially the faces of the people who interact with guests throughout their stay.

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