Five Tips To Driving Engagement On Social Media

27th April 2016

In recent years, hotel social media marketing has become the most popular tool for driving engagement within the content marketing spectrum. From the Facebook ‘Like’ to the ‘Retweet’ on Twitter, as social users we are engaging day in, day out without even realising we’re doing it. But how do we control our levels of engagement on social media and essentially increase it positively? From planning content to evaluating its success, we have produced five ways to boost engagement through your social channels.



Hotel Social Media Content Calendar


Content Matrix


Good Content


Refer to the Statistics

Re-assess your Strategy

Social Tip of 2016:

Many hoteliers are often hesitant to allocate a brand enrichment budget for social media, yet many are happy to spend thousands of pounds on print based advertising and annual directory subscriptions. The great thing about using online marketing is that everything is measurable and trackable which means you can see what is working and what is not.

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