Get to Know Team Wired: Meet Toni

It has to be said that hotel digital marketing is only as successful as the team you build around you and the strategy you put in place.

Here at Wired, we have an eclectic mix of experts on our team who can advise and deliver the results you need.

She’s not the newest member of the team but she is certainly in the newest role – we caught up with Toni to discuss all things copywriting.

How did you get into Hospitality Marketing?

Prior to lending my skills and ideas to marketing for hotels, I worked as a Copywriter for an employer branding and recruitment marketing agency. Before that, I gained my degree in Creative Writing with Publishing BA (Hons). While I’m used to adapting my writing for different audiences, my career has also seen me work with some well-known brands – this has helped hone my skills no end! I’m Wired’s first dedicated Copywriter, so I’m flattered that this role was created just for me.

What excites you most about the industry at the moment?

How content is used and what we can do with it is always evolving – that’s exciting enough in itself. I’m excited to see how the relationship between SEO and other forms of content continues to develop, and how I can create and manipulate content to deliver results for our clients. Simply put, I’m excited for whatever the industry can throw at me!

In your downtime, how do you get out of work mode?

I love to binge-watch a TV series. At the moment I am on my first viewing of The Sopranos. I’m also working on a book of Flash Fiction and Prose and the child in me loves to collect Disney pins.

Tell us one fact about yourself that might surprise people.

I have two! Even though I am 5’5 I can still fit into a certain brand of Petite jeans. It baffles me, Petite is typically for 5’3 or shorter! People are always surprised to learn that I don’t have an English degree, too.

What do you love most about working at Wired?

Being able to work from home a few times a week is great. As a creative, I need to feel comfortable and inspired to write great copy. Researching and reworking entire websites requires a lot of focus. When I am working on articles or blogs for a campaign I can take the time I need to make sure they are done impeccably – Wired gives me the space to get it done.

Toni has been working at Wired for 9 months and writes content for 18 clients (and counting!)

If you want to talk more about hotel digital marketing and what our content can do for your brand, contact a member of the team today.


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