Blogger of the Month : May

Hello Nancy

We have worked with Hello Nancy a number of times over the years, and there is a reason we reach out to her time and time again. Gorgeous images with seamless copy to boot, she provides bright, informative reviews every time she stays.

Here’s what we learnt about the woman behind the words…

1. How long have you been blogging for and how did you get into it?

I began my blog way back in 2009, before it was a popular thing to do! I started it whilst I was still at university, so it’s great to see that it’s becoming a business for me! Over the years, it has transformed from a fashion blog into a more personal lifestyle blog where I share aspects of my life online!

2. Roughly, how many PR emails do you receive per day?

I receive a lot! Probably around 50 per day but I’m usually only interested in around 2 or 3 I get sent. I love working with brands and PR companies that understand how much hard work it takes to run a successful blog. I see it more like a collaboration where we can work together to create a mutually beneficial partnership. I do, however, get a bit annoyed when brands ask me to put lots of work into a post to promote them but don’t offer me anything in return!

3. What makes you say yes to a PR request?

When I know they have actually taken the time to read my blog. I don’t like blanket emails where it’s an obvious copy and paste job with no personality. I work with brands that like what I do and appreciate what I can offer them.

3. Do people tend to approach you via social media or email? Which do you prefer?

Usually it’s via email. I definitely prefer to receive an email as opposed to a social media message.

4. The term ‘influencer’ is becoming more and more prevalent these days; how do you feel about this? Do you think it accurately reflects you?

I don’t feel as though I “influence” people; I see that as a bit of a negative way to describe what I do. I see myself as someone who simply shares interesting or beautiful images and writing in the hope that my followers feel inspired by my blog and Instagram posts.

5. When you’re approached by a brand, do you have a checklist of things that ensure the brand in question is an appropriate one to promote to your audience?

I do! Usually, we have to get on and we have to both be on the same page with regards to the work involved. I don’t have much time for demanding brands that expect the world without offering anything in return. The value of the work I produce should be the same value as the experience or product I’m writing about to make it fair for both parties. I also love to write about UK based brands or companies that specialise in ethical practices.

6. You recently reviewed Lords of the Manor for us – what was your favourite thing about your trip?

I had always wanted to visit the Cotswolds so it was a fantastic opportunity to scratch that off my bucket list! The hotel was extremely charming and intimate too which created a lovely atmosphere for my fiance and I to enjoy. We always feel so relaxed when we’re staying at a hotel!

Thanks Nancy, for sharing your thoughts with us.

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